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Virtual Console Mondays: May 7, 2007

Final Fight

by David Trammell - May 7, 2007, 4:23 pm EDT

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Final Fight is a weak SNES port of the classic arcade beat-em up. The game has no co-op mode in this iteration, and one of the three characters was cut. Cody is the average character, Haggar is the slow powerful one, and Guy (not present) would have been the fast but weak one. Each character has a number of different moves, including a life-draining special move. There is some depth to the fighting as different moves have different recovery times and damage potential, but it doesn't help much. Boss fights always devolve into jump kick festivals.

Beating the game using your allotted number of lives and continues will take relentless replaying as you master the fine art of getting to level 4 without wasting a continue. Brawlers like this have gone nearly extinct for a reason. And with no co-op to speak of, there's little reason to resurrect this one.

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