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Virtual Console Mondays: VC Launch Set 1

Ecco the Dolphin

by Daniel Bloodworth - March 5, 2007, 9:56 pm PST

Ecco the Dolphin places you in a bizarre conflict between aliens and marine life. Ecco’s pod has been vacuumed into the sky, and he goes on a search to rescue it. You have to navigate deep underwater mazes while avoiding enemies and finding pockets of air to stay alive. While the concept is interesting, the game itself is quite frustrating and you have to repeat tedious labyrinths over and over. Ecco’s a bit clumsy to control and he can only attack with the tip of his nose, making it difficult to navigate past hazards and enemies.

F-Zero - SNES

Recommended for Everyone

Released 8/13/1991

1 Player

Cost: 800 Wii Points ($8)

Controllers: Wii Remote, Wii Classic, GameCube

Nintendo's first foray into futuristic racing is a landmark game that still holds up today. The graphics may take getting used to if you missed the whole Mode-7 era, but the gameplay is very fast and challenging, with smooth controls that work well on both Classic and GameCube controllers. It's still a shame that the game is single-player only. - Jonathan Metts