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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes E3 Preview

by Kimberly Keller - June 15, 2014, 4:36 pm PDT
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New suped-up abilities leaves previous figures in the dust.

With the announcement of a Spider-Man play set and a plethora of new characters, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes edition expands well beyond the reaches of their original universe. With the addition of new Toy Box mechanics and play set crossovers, Disney proves developers have been paying close attention to fan feedback.

Previously announced Avengers Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Hawkeye were in the spotlight during the expo, displaying their full powers in the Toy Box and Manhattan play set. Spider-Man’s crew joins the fray with Nick Fury, Venom, Iron Fist, Nova, and, of course, Spider-Man himself. The figures were on display, but unfortunately unplayable in the demos.

As both teams are part of the same universe, Disney is allowing select characters, such as Nova, to actually cross play sets. In the case of Nova, players will need to hunt through Manhattan for Nova coins, collect them all and introduce the Avengers to a new ally.

We tried out three characters from the new lineup and even got our hands on a couple of the 80 new power discs introduced. Thor is considered a flying character (alongside Iron Man and Nova) in the game, using his hammer to guide him. It’s pretty easy to control, with his precise movement and ability to hover. Hulk’s ability to wall climb is honestly my favorite ability right now. After falling off ledges from ill-timed jumps too many times to count, there is a huge satisfaction in crunching through the bricks on a wall with Hulk’s fists and moving anywhere on a building in a destructive and powerful way. Hulk can quickly travel through cities as well, launching himself high in the air and landing far away, slamming into the pavement. As a lighter, more agile character, Spider-Man utilizes his web-slinging action to move through areas like Tarzan. You don’t need to actually aim at any logical point for his web to cling to as the ability will work anywhere and is extremely intuitive.

Enemies such as the symbiotes are harder than previous renditions and will require help to defeat if many are encountered. A large symbiote we encountered even spawned smaller inky versions of himself that quickly attacked us as he tried to finish him off. To keep the game fair for single players, a new power disc type, the sidekick disc, has been introduced. We played with Iron Patriot, a strong brawl character who requires a somewhat lengthy charge time before he can unleash an attack. When his meter is filled however, players need only to press down on the D-Pad to send him running at enemies with a powerful melee attack.

The introduction of skill trees will also help players defeat stronger enemies. These work in much the same way as other games that use the mechanic, and cannot be completely filled, so choices should be made strategically. However, the game is extremely forgiving, and the entire skill tree can be reset at any time, returning skill tree points to players to redistribute. Developers wanted players to be able to play as the same character if they wanted, but still have ownership and unique strengths with their personal choice.

By popular demand, costume power discs can also be used for specified characters. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to mix and match and place, say, Spider-Man’s Alien Symboite costume on Thor, but it was still a fun change to play with and can help liven up a purchased character.

Jumping into the Toy Box, we were able to build entire skylines and forests by simply placing a special themed builder piece. Eve, for example, who was on a constant search for plant life in Wall-E, helps players fill out vast parks or diversify their magical forests as a tiny robotic builder piece in the Toy Box. The building process is not automatic and larger buildings will take more time, however the process is seamless and continues as you play for as long as you keep the builder active. All automated objects are fully customizable so the new mechanic is perfect if you just need to fill out a city or jumpstart a complex project.

Expanding on user created Toy Box games from 1.0, players will now be able to place pre-made structures that will create a randomly generate game course. Different types can be chosen, such as a Mario-influenced platformer or a racing course. As with the builders, these courses can be edited or added to, making it easier for players to create their own masterpieces to share with the community.

Another welcome addition is the use of the new Disney Infinity Toy Box mobile app. Releasing soon after the main game, players can upload their Toy Box creations to the Disney Infinity Cloud and continue building directly from their phone or tablet.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes releases this September, with many more announcements to come before then. Who will you be adding the roster?

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