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Mad Catz Announces DS Accessory Lineup

by Jonathan Metts - September 24, 2004, 8:56 am EDT
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The largest third-party accessory company is fully on board with Nintendo's new handheld.

Mad Catz Announces Accessory Lineup for the Nintendo DS

SAN DIEGO--Sept. 24, 2004--Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (AMEX/TSX:

MCZ), the world's leading third party video game accessory

manufacturer, today announced its prominent lineup of accessories for

the much anticipated Nintendo DS(TM). The accessories will begin

shipping in North America in conjunction with the launch of the

Nintendo DS this November.

"We are excited to be creating and offering the first third-party

accessories for the new Nintendo DS," said Darren Richardson,

President and CEO of Mad Catz, Inc. "With its revolutionary new

features such as touch screen input, voice recognition and wireless

communication, we are confident that the new DS will generate an

excitement for the new accessories Mad Catz has to offer."

  • Protective carry case stylistically designed to keep your DS

    protected from minor bumps, drops or scratches.

  • Screen protector, with a textured surface, adheres instantly to

    your DS screen to protect against scratches and to eliminate glare.

  • Game cases protect the media slots of the new Nintendo DS game

    disk from pocket dust and dirt at all times.

  • Car charger plugs directly into your vehicle's standard

    lighter/power socket, providing power as you travel. You can use your

    DS while it is charging, or switch it off and charge the battery even


  • AC adapter allows you to charge or power the new DS by plugging

    into a standard power outlet. Use your DS while it is charging, or

    switch it off and the battery charges even faster.

  • Earphones are attached to a band that rests comfortably at the

    base of your head. These compact, portable headphones are designed to

    give maximum comfort and a snug fit for your active lifestyle.

  • Stylus is a replacement unit that allows you to take advantage of

    the revolutionary, touch-screen input technology of the DS.

  • DS II Mobile Kit comes with essentially everything to connect and

    enjoy your DS while on the go. The DS II Mobile Kit comes complete

    with a hard carry case, 6 game cases, earphones, a Y cable and a car

    and AC adapter.

  • DS Kit provides the necessary accessories to protect and enjoy

    your DS. The DS Kit includes a soft carry case, 6 game case, car

    adapter and earphones.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words, so take a look at some of the new accessories in photographic form:

    Mad Catz DS Power Cables

    Mad Catz DS Game Card Cases (Left)

    Mad Catz DS Carry Case

    Mad Catz DS Headphones

    Mad Catz DS Replacement Stylus

  • Talkback

    ruby_onixSeptember 30, 2004


    Game cases protect the media slots of the new Nintendo DS game disk from pocket dust and dirt at all times.



    Mad Catz DS Game Card Cases (Left)

    That looks like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in that case, but the label's slightly wrong...

    Edit: It looks like that's the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I should've guessed that. Which is why I did... eventually.

    Infernal MonkeySeptember 30, 2004

    Game disk, cartridge, same difference. The carts should come with plastic cases like the original Game Boy and Game Gear games did, anyway. >___>

    Those headphones look crappy. I'll stick with my ones that sit on the floor all day and contain 85% dog hair, thanks.

    YenRugSeptember 30, 2004

    OK, anyone got any idea what the extra round plug is on the DS power adaptors? The one is obviously a GBA SP type and the pics I've seen of the DS show the same socket on that, so what on earth is the extra plug for?

    vuduSeptember 30, 2004

    i'm a little disppointed there's no hard case like there is for the gba sp. maybe they'll make one later.

    ZachSeptember 30, 2004

    I think that plug is to plug into a car's cigarette lighter

    RennySeptember 30, 2004

    He means the small, pin-like connection on both the AC and DC adapters. Is it a system standard? Or could it be for a planned MadCatz accessory?

    ZachSeptember 30, 2004

    oh that thing, good question. I have no clue

    BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusOctober 01, 2004

    it looks to me like a more standard plug that might fit a CD player or something so you don't have to carry around more than one adapter.

    RennyOctober 01, 2004

    I don't think there's a standard between manufacturers. They all have different voltages and polarity configurations. Continue to speculate.

    ruby_onixOctober 01, 2004

    You guys mean that yellow-tipped one, right?

    That's the plug that was used for the GameBoy Pocket, the GameBoy Color, and just about any GameBoy Advance (not SP) power supply that let you disconnect the cable from the battery-compartment-clip (so you can use it on an older version of GameBoy).

    (Two 1.5 volt double-A batteries = 3 volts)

    According to those pictures of the innards of the E3 model DS, the DS's battery is 3.7 volts, and 860 milliamps.

    A 3rd party GBA power adaptor I have sitting around (which works on the GBC) says that it's output is 3.6 volts, and 450 milliamps.

    A 3rd party dual-mode GameBoy/GBP/GBC adaptor I have (which doesn't work on the GBA, says that it's output is 3 volts 250 milliamps when in GBC mode, and 6 volts 250 milliamps when in classic GameBoy mode.

    RennyOctober 01, 2004

    Oh. Thanks. So... how 'bout them card cases? They look pretty slick.

    ZachOctober 01, 2004

    yeah, those will make it easier to pocket my games without having to worry about them. Also dont have to worry about dust or anything getting in the cart, (is dust going to be a problem with these carts?)

    Bill AurionOctober 01, 2004

    Dust is a problem with everything... :\

    ZachOctober 01, 2004

    Then I will just have to get some of those game cases or break out the trusty Q-tips.

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