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Rare Announces Game Starring Mr. Pants

by Daniel Bloodworth - August 19, 2004, 6:59 pm EDT
Total comments: 8 Source: Rare

Rare fanatics rejoice. Mr. Pants is starring in his own puzzler on a GBA near you.

For the uninitiated Americans, in other parts of the world, the word pants refers to your undergarments. I once had an English friend who was freaked out because all day people were telling him how nice his pants looked. "You can see my pants!?" was often his reply.

However this article is not just about pants, it's about Mr. Pants, the Rare icon who has made appearances across their website and in cameo appearances in certain games. The time-honored Rare hero is now getting his own outlet for wackiness: AN OBSCURE GBA PUZZLE GAME called It's Mr. Pants.

The game has you dropping your pants like mad, trying to form shapes out of matching-coloured pieces, or something like that. However, you can't land pieces on top of other pieces of the same colour. What is this wackiness? It's Mr. Pants of course!

There is Puzzle mode, which has you clearing out pre-set arenas with pre-selected shapes. Wipeout mode has you clearing a board within two minutes. And Marathon mode has you cranking your pants to the limit to get the highest score probable within five minutes.

Our staff is excited, especially Rare foaming-at-the-mouth-can't-stop-talking-about-Banjo-Pilot expert Ben Kosmina. More info on the game can be found at http://www.rareware.com/ and we've hosted some of the screens here too.

It's Mr. Pants comes out later this year via THQ.


couchmonkeyAugust 20, 2004

I MUST have this game! I watched a video on IGN, and it looks and sounds hilarious. I just hope the gameplay stands up, because it looks entertaining but maybe a little bit limited.

Bill AurionAugust 20, 2004

(Hey, hey, hey it's the new version of Coconut Crackers! I'm glad they didn't throw it away outright...face-icon-small-thumbsup.gif.)

EpitaphAugust 20, 2004

And I thought the yoshi story graphics looked like crap. Im sorry but rare is just turning into crap, im not saying that since they left nintendo I said it while they were with nintendo. I can't wait for them to go out of buisness so their artist's and cinema guys can get bought by other companies because those guys are stilll amazing. Just gameplay, games suck.

Bill AurionAugust 20, 2004

"And I thought the yoshi story graphics looked like crap"

Your artistic taste fails...

MarioAugust 20, 2004

Yoshi's Story is a blurry mess that hurts my eyes. Yoshi's Island looks better.

CaillanAugust 21, 2004

Of all the game's I've ever seen, I maintain that Yoshi's Story had the best graphics of them all. Not in a technical sense, but in an atmospheric one. Even if the atmosphere can be cute to the point of repulsion,it seems obvious to me that few other games have achieved such a saturation level of congruity between graphics, sound and level design/gameplay.

To me, Story is what Island always wanted to look like.

Kudos to these guys, not only for putting an original spin on the graphics, but also for attempting to alter the standard tetris gameplay as well.

Infernal MonkeyAugust 21, 2004

Crayon graphics ala Yoshi's Island are fan-freakin'-fudgebucket-tastic. It's nice to see Rare take a break from their stupid silicon graphics obsession. faustsmiley.gif

This game will be pants (olol). *Stabbed*

joeamisAugust 23, 2004

this game looks like a sleeper hit

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