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Happy Birthday S-U-P-E-R

by Michael Cole - August 15, 2004, 1:00 am PDT
Total comments: 23 Source: OH MY CAR!

The craziest arcade person in Missoula turns a year older!

Senior Shenanigan Ty “S-U-P-E-R” Shughart is now 23 years old. That’s right, the christener of forum titles, speaker of l33t, and editor of PinkuGC reviews has danced his way through another year of annoying arcade patrons and forum idiots. Not to mention Pac-Man’s advances…

Now that Ty is 23, he has been legally able to purchase alcohol for two years and gamble for five years (it’s Montana, bitch). So, uh, even though this birthday doesn't give you special powers, have a happy freakin’ birthday, Ty! Celebrate by stomping arrows for PGC readers everywhere!


S-U-P-E-RTy Shughart, Staff AlumnusAugust 14, 2004


Flames_of_chaosLukasz Balicki, Staff AlumnusAugust 14, 2004

Happy birthday S-U-P-E-R you get a complimentary immaginary poke and enjoy your special SUPER day.

DeguelloJeff Shirley, Staff AlumnusAugust 14, 2004

Hay Ty. Happy Birthday, you crazy thing you.

Shift KeyAugust 14, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *stomps random steps* STEP STEP FALL! face-icon-small-cake.gif

PlugabugzAugust 14, 2004

Happy Birthday, you are officially old!

I have placed an order for a walking stick, i'll let you know when it arrives face-icon-small-tongue.gif

SylAugust 15, 2004

23 and never been kissed.

23 and never been touched or even looked at by the female gender.

Keep it going man, your doing great.

KnowsNothingAugust 15, 2004

So, what if some of us guys have had an eye on him?

Happy birthday SUPER! May the powers that be grant your every wish or something. lol j/k wot lol face-icon-small-smile.gif :CAKEARU^_^:


Berto2KAugust 15, 2004

I'm older than SUPER! Hahahaha.

Oh. Uh. Ahem. Happy B-Day you guy!

kirby_killer_dededeAugust 15, 2004

Happy birthday, man. I know you hate me from the inside out, but that's okay.

Bill AurionAugust 15, 2004

Lalalala!face-icon-small-music.gif A very happy birthday from me to you! faustsmiley.gifheart.gif

nickmitchAugust 15, 2004

To celebrate the occasion I'm eating cake. . .
I'm not giving anyone any but happy birthday anyway S-U-P-E-R!!!

E3 Hype Train EngineerAugust 15, 2004

Happy Birthday Souper!

NinGurl69 *hugglesAugust 15, 2004

Happy Berfday, but your princess is in another castle. (My castle)

Congrats on being 18 days younger than me.

odifiendAugust 15, 2004

Even though you're getting older, if you cough, God will breathe life into you and you can rule the internet another 10,000 years. Happy Birthday, SUPA'!

evil intentionsAugust 15, 2004

Have a superdeedooper birthday, S-U-P-E-R! wine.gifface-icon-small-cake.gifpresent.gif

louiesezwhatAugust 15, 2004

The man, the legend. TEH SUPAR is TEH OLD! Hey man, happy b-day. I can't believe I've known you since the days you were too young to see rated R movies. You've been there since the beginning, and still kickin' it Ty style. Happy birthday bro.

And you can't DDR worth a s---. face-icon-small-smile.gif Get some lessons.

GaimeGuyAugust 15, 2004

Happy Birthday, now all of you go to bed.

Including you, Billeh. You have work tomorrow.

Wait, wtf am I saying? I just woke up to start up my new bittorrent downloads, and I'm telling OTHERS to go to bed?

*runs back to bedroom*

Infernal MonkeyAugust 15, 2004

Hay SUPER sup? Happy Birthday, dude. =D
I got you a new card for your Yu-Gi-Awwwww collection, 'tis very rare and has mega hyper bit-beasts. Oh wait wrong anime.

Rob91883August 16, 2004

face-icon-small-cake.gif Happy Birthday, and may you keep not making sense sometimes a little bit more.

Friggin hilarious, IM!

DrZoidbergJuan Schwartz, Staff WriterAugust 16, 2004

August is Happy Birthday Super Ty month.

theRPGFreakAugust 16, 2004

hehehe now today is my birthday face-icon-small-wink.gif

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