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Atlus Announces Five DS Games

by Michael Cole - July 28, 2004, 12:55 pm EDT
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And one of them is Snowboard Kids.

Atlus announced five Nintendo DS titles on its Japanese website today. Atlus praised the Nintendo DS for the flexibility two screens allows. As an example, the press release explains how a game can display a close up of a character while still showing the game field in their role playing game. Yes, that’s right, Atlus is working on a RPG for the Nintendo DS. Here are the five announced games with their tentative titles (machine translated) and genres.

Shin Megami Tensei DS – RPG

Snowboard Kids DS – Action Race

Kadoukeusu – Action

Life Game DS – Board Game

Choro Q DS – Customize Action Race

Cult N64 fans will surely recognize Snowboard Kids, and others might recognize the Choro Q franchise from the 2002 GameCube game. All of Atlus’s DS release dates and prices are officially undecided.

Nintendo DS Revealed

The DS goes official....grab a first look at the final hardware inside.

More Than 120 Games in Development Worldwide for Nintendo's New Game Platform

July 28, 2004 - In preparation for the launch of Nintendo DS(TM) in North America and Japan later this year and Europe in Q1 2005, Nintendo today announces major global developments for the innovative dual-screen, wireless, hand-held video game system.

Nintendo DS, originally chosen as the code name, has been selected as the official product name. The Nintendo DS name evokes the idea of a portable system with "dual screens," providing the rationale for the final name. The hardware also has been redesigned to sport a slimmer, sharper look. The retooled Nintendo DS features a thinner, black base and an angular platinum flip-top cover. The face buttons and shoulder buttons are larger, and some have been reconfigured for optimum use. The unit includes a new storage slot for the touch screen's stylus, and the speakers now broadcast in stereo sound, with or without headphones.

"The Nintendo DS will change the future of hand-held gaming," says Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo Co., Ltd. "Dual screens, chat functions, a touch screen, wireless capabilities, voice recognition - these abilities surpass anything attempted before, and consumers will benefit from the creativity and innovation the new features bring to the world of video games."

Software companies worldwide have more than 120 Nintendo DS games in development. Nintendo alone is developing more than 20 titles, and in excess of 100 companies have signed on to create games for the new system.

"The innovative functions make Nintendo DS a superior game device, while the chat feature and ability to detect other DS units make it a social device as well," says Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales and marketing. "We've figured out the magic of what makes portable game play so attractive to consumers. We've defeated nine challengers and once again we're prepared to win."

Nintendo will announce the launch date, price and game lineup for Nintendo DS at a later date.

Nintendo DS

Click for large image of open Nintendo DS (148k)
Click for large image of closed Nintendo DS (96k)


joeamisJuly 28, 2004

I expected great support from Atlus, they've put out some of my favorite gba games, and five titles announced already is great. I always wanted to play Snowboard Kids back in N64 days, and the same for Choro Q which I've wanted to try since I saw pics of the PS 1 game in Japanese previews.

nickmitchJuly 29, 2004


Way to support greatness!

couchmonkeyJuly 29, 2004

This is awesome, I hope Snowboard kids is more than just a port with some superfluous second screen functions thrown in though. It's odd to see Snowboard Kids returning on DS of all places.
How about a snowboard game where you do tricks by manipulating a 2D snowboard on the touchscreen? Might not work so well, but I love thinking up this kind of stuff.

CaillanJuly 31, 2004

Snowboard Kids was underated. It was a really cool game that was overshadowed by 1080... a bit of a pity, really. Snowboard Kids was always a little quirky, I'd be interested to see what Atlus could do with it on the DS.

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