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GBA News Tidbits out of Japan

by Mike Sklens - May 29, 2004, 3:41 pm EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: The MagicBox

Say goodbye to the GBA. The SP now reigns supreme. Also, China gets GBA.

The Magicbox is reporting on a new announcement form Nintendo of Japan. The company has taken the old model of the Game Boy Advance out of mass production. The system isn't gone for good though. From now on they will only be produced on a per order basis. The Game Boy Advance SP will stay in mass production.

In other news, Nintendo is planning to release the Game Boy Advance in China some time this year. However, an exact date is not yet known.


Infernal MonkeyMay 31, 2004

*Puts on the marketing undies*
NEStendo should sell the original GBA at a SUPER CHEAP price. Like, TEN CENTS. With like, POKEMON or something bundled in. Then they'd get up the next day, have some eggs and *BAM*, money.

"We made 40 cents today!"
"We lost a few thousand"

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