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Student Fashions Bomb From Game Boy

by Steven Rodriguez - February 20, 2004, 2:48 pm EST
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Why would anyone want to ruin a perfectly good Game Boy like that?

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that a high school student hollowed out a Game Boy, filled it with gunpowder, brought it to school, and then talked to his friends about it, which eventually led to the police picking up the story. The boy was taken into custody and the bomb was neutralized.

There was no word on which game the system had in it at the time, but we're willing to wager that one of the Bomberman games was inserted.


KnowsNothingFebruary 20, 2004

What a stupid kid. He killed one of god's greatest creations....

Ian SaneFebruary 20, 2004

If the boy wanted to disguise a bomb as a videogame he should have just brought this to school.

Bill AurionFebruary 20, 2004

Ugh...I see where this is going to go... >_<

CaseyRybackFebruary 20, 2004

What an attention whore. I mean he called Crimestoppers on himself

nickmitchFebruary 20, 2004

Its people like that, that ruin it for the rest of us! I mean we already can't bring gameboys to school (but we do anyway face-icon-small-wink.gif) but now it'll be worse now because some idiots will think we're all trying to do it!

ulanshadFebruary 20, 2004


Originally posted by: Ian Sane
If the boy wanted to disguise a bomb as a videogame he should have just brought this to school.

KnoxxvilleFebruary 20, 2004

It was probably the original Game Boy....plently of room for powder and who really misses that blurry green screen anyway?

thecubedcanuckFebruary 20, 2004

Damn Ian you love that Drake link

DjunknownFebruary 20, 2004

Why? Why? Why? Why must this sort of stupidity goes unchecked!(I guess it takes some brains to make GB bomb...) This is more ammo for the talking heads and dead-beat politcians to talk about gaming is collapsing society. As if those damn kids in tennessee were'nt enough (Shooting guns at cars, guns they're not to suppossed have, and blame it on GTA.), some one pulls this dumb %#$@.

Hey Knows Nothing, I LOVE the subs!

- NintendoFan -February 20, 2004

There is just no need to ruin a GameBoy like that,..... really no need at all.

ralph98201February 20, 2004

im just praying for some kid to bring the first "text-book bomb" into school... hmm... wonder if you could pack a pencil with explosives, wouldn't mind seein' those go either

KirbySStarFebruary 20, 2004

I hope that the ghost of Gunpei Yokoi strangles this kid while he sleeps.

KDR_11kFebruary 20, 2004

How primitive. I had expected somebody to build a remote trigger into the SP's Li-Ion battery and detonate it in the hands of a hated person...

OldskoolFebruary 21, 2004

I thought the topic was:

"Student Faschists bomb the Game boy"

I think I need my eyes checked.

- NintendoFan -February 21, 2004

I am still wondering which Gameboy he decided to use......

ruby_onixFebruary 21, 2004


Originally posted by: - NintendoFan -
I am still wondering which Gameboy he decided to use......

Knowing how the mainstream media works, a GameGear, of course. face-icon-small-tongue.gif

mouse_clickerFebruary 21, 2004

I think he used an original Gameboy- from the Gameboy Pocket and onwards I don't think there's enough room inside the machine to really fill with enough gunpowder and whatnot to cause a significant explosion.

S-U-P-E-RTy Shughart, Staff AlumnusFebruary 21, 2004


Why must this sort of stupidity goes unchecked!

I think it was in fact checked when they arrested him, lol.

The first person to link a news article suggesting that video games 'made him do it' will be crowned king awesome

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusFebruary 22, 2004

That amount of explosives is usually not really that important. It is more about the casing than anything else. At mostif it was a brick gameboy full of gun powr, it would have only taken off a hand.

But if one was to place the power in a metal case with some ball bearings thrown in, the overall damage would be much more widespread. The metal case would contain the explosion long enough for it to build up to peak pressure.

Never the less, the guy is a assclown and should be treated like one.

thecubedcanuckFebruary 23, 2004

This gives me a great idea for a new game I call BOMB SQUAD. You play as bomb squad team member, Boomer Splat , and you have to find and defuse bombs within a certain amount of time, or the actual game blows up and you my friend, end up armless.
This will certainly make a big bang in the hardcore gaming sector.

mouse_clickerFebruary 23, 2004

I bet he had Bomberman in his Gameboy at the time. face-icon-small-wink.gif

Seriously, though I'm just quoting a friend- I didn't come up with that joke.

Ian SaneFebruary 23, 2004

"Seriously, though I'm just quoting a friend- I didn't come up with that joke."

That friend would be PGC since they made that exact joke in the news report itself. face-icon-small-smile.gif

mouse_clickerFebruary 23, 2004

Heh, I didn't read PGC's article at all- I heard it from my friend (the same one that made the joke).

In fact, he probably read it on PGC first- the bastard! Can't even come up with his own bad jokes. face-icon-small-wink.gif

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