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Game Informer Gets RE4, Killer 7 Exclusive

by Jonathan Metts - February 12, 2004, 4:32 pm PST
Total comments: 14 Source: Game Informer Online

The magazine will have the first details in just a few days.

We can't tell you about Resident Evil 4 and Killer 7 until mid-March, but the new Game Informer magazine has hands-on impressions and new media from these two very mysterious and very highly anticipated GameCube titles. The new issue hits newsstands on Feb. 25, and subscribers may get their issues even earlier. We wouldn't normally promote another outlet's stories, but Game Informer has the exclusive on these games for quite a while, and we know you'll want to get the information as quickly as possible. Both games are expected to be present and playable at E3 in May.


Ian SaneFebruary 12, 2004

So you guys can't discuss it until mid-March. So that means that even after this issue of GI is out in stores you guys still aren't allowed to talk about it? If so that's kind of dumb but GI has to make a buck so I can see why they would want to be the only source of RE4 news for a bit.

But what if someone on the forums bought the mag and talked about it in the forums? Would that be allowed? I'm not talking about scans or word-for-word transcriptions. If someone bought the mag and posted "hey according to GI RE4 has this" would they be allowed to? I mean that information is public then isn't it? It's not like when I buy a magazine I have to sign an NDA.

Bill AurionFebruary 12, 2004

The media can't, but there is nothing stopping a normal joe from talking about the news once he gets the issue...

matthewwithanmFebruary 12, 2004

like somebody did over at n-philes

We can't allow links to embargoed content. -Bloodworth

CaseyRybackFebruary 12, 2004

I can't wait for my issue

and thanks for the n-philes link

NinGurl69 *hugglesFebruary 12, 2004

Babelfish-fluent Nintendojo doesn't have any trouble communicating some of the game details found in the new GI issue.

Perfect CellFebruary 12, 2004

Well Thats cool ill have to read the GI then... Im interested in Killer 7 as well since we know so litle about it

matvinkFebruary 12, 2004

Planet GameCube cannot allow links to magazine scans. -Bloodworth

KRL1376February 12, 2004

I was on the forums at a resident evil fan site and this kid claimed he alreay has the issue of GI he copied the entire article about resident evil 4 and scanned the screen shots. here is the page that has the links to the screens;
Planet GameCube cannot allow links to magazine scans. And no it's not a hoax. -Bloodworth
Well if you back up to the begining of the topic he goes through the article that explains the story which sounds very bizzare and not much like resident evil. i just want to know why all the other game sites/magazines cant say anything till mid-march when they can publish this stuff so early in there magazine, i could understand a week or 2 but a whole month is pretty long, it just makes me wonder if the stuff in the magazine is just a hoax. im posting this here because i want opinions on it and maybe even a hint by a staff member as to if this stuff is real or not.

Shift KeyFebruary 12, 2004

The staff at GI confirmed it at the GI forums. Good enough for me.

Here's the link

Bill AurionFebruary 12, 2004

I beat you Shifty...*points at GC discussion* face-icon-small-thumbsup.gifface-icon-small-wink.gif

DevAdvocateFebruary 12, 2004

I'm guessing that the 'Umbrella Corp. doesn't exist anymore' descriptions of the game's story are a red herring...probably along the lines of "they're not supposed to exist anymore, but Leon slowly discovers the horrible truth" etc., etc. It would be much like the Nazi's fleeing to South America (which seems a likely source of inspiration for the initial locale)....'The Boys from Brazil' and all that.

Bill AurionFebruary 13, 2004

Nah, I think Umbrella is gone for good...Wesker's new company, however, is not... face-icon-small-wink.gif

KRL1376February 13, 2004

Sorry about the link, i thought since it wasnt directly to the scans it wouldnt be a problem and thanks, i hope Capcom knows what they are doing because the game seems weird to me.

DjunknownFebruary 13, 2004

I was going to stop suscribing to GI, but they do this. Damn them! I wanted to buy a large pizza with the works for 10 bucks...

From what see, it seems that its going to have spoilers, spoilers, and spoilers. Being one of the few people on this planet who hasn't played Code Veronica, should I just say 'screw it, tell the end', or head on over to the Killer 7 exclusive. Choices...

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