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Latest DS Details

by Steven Rodriguez - January 29, 2004, 3:21 pm EST
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E3 secrets, GBA interchangeabilty, LCDs, and Miyamoto!

The cloud of mystery surrounding the new Nintendo DS product won't be fully lifted until E3, so every scrap of information that comes out about it before then will be jumped on in a hurry. This time is no exception.

The LCD displays on the DS, though reported to be similar in appearance and size to the Sharp TCT LCD displays on GBA, will not be the same ones found on Game Boy Advance systems. In addition, since LCDs in general are in very high demand thanks to cellular phones and other products, Nintendo might not be able to announce a definite price (or even solid release date) at E3, instead waiting until the summer to do so. The system will also use a bulit-in rechargeable battery, though it's unknown whether or not it will be the same as the one found in the GBA SP.

Speaking of E3, we all know that the system's form will likely be shown there, as well as specific details being announced for it. More detailed information about the wireless connectivity will be divulged, and the full story on third-party development will be spilled as well.

As originally reported, the DS will use what Nintendo calls a "semiconductor memory." While it is cartridge-based, it will definitely not be like current GBA cartridges. It's a thin card which presumbably slips into the unit somehow. There are many benefits to this type of media, the most important of which is that manufacturing costs are similar to that of optical discs, and have a very fast turnaround time if more of a game needs to be made.

As you might expect, it has been confirmed that Nintendo already has games in development for the new system, and as you also might have guessed, Shigeru Miyamoto is involved. No further details were given about game software.

Finally, an interesting piece of information was uncovered. Apparently, Nintendo is still thinking about whether or not they should make the system "interchangeable" with the GBA. This could mean anything from the software or hardware for either system. The discussion over this is most likely over the similar processors the GBA and DS share (the ARM7), and the fact that they use different types of cartridge media.

That's all we have for now. As we find more information about the Nintendo DS, we'll be sure to let you guys know about it straight away.

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