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Legend of Zelda: Four Swords PLUS!

by Ty Shughart - December 8, 2003, 6:05 pm EST
Total comments: 7 Source: GameSpot

Four Swords, Tetra's Trackers, and the new Shadow Battle are one GameCube game now!

Nintendo has revealed that Four Swords, Tetra's Trackers and the new Shadow Battle will be available as one GameCube game. There's new details on the gameplay, too. Each mode now has single-player versions!

Four Swords is renamed to Hyrule Adventure. The GBA can still be used to display the action, but players without GBAs can join in on on-screen windows, too. It has a storyline too, for single-player adventuring.

Tetra's Trackers is now called Navi's Trackers, and it includes a speech generator that can say players' names and give (helpful?) advice.

Shadow Battle pits players against each other in battle. Not many details are known yet.

Japan is getting it in February, so watch out.


Gibdo MasterDecember 08, 2003

Hmm, since each mode has single-player versions I might consider getting this if it has decent gameplay depth that is.

DjunknownDecember 08, 2003

Now that's a smart move. Instead of making these games multiplayer only, which would've made poor sales, they are accessible like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Of course, the fun's in the multiplayer, but it will throw a bone to solo gamers. Good Job!

Glenn2K4December 09, 2003

definately something i want to look into buying in the future.

Ian SaneDecember 09, 2003

Shadow Battle doesn't sound too great. I'll wait and see.

Navi's Trackers didn't really interest me when it was at E3 though I hope with the name change they'll be going with a more Ocarina of Time flavour than a Wind Waker one.

Hyrule Adventure is of course the real draw of this package and I'm glad to see it hasn't been canned. If the one player mode is any good then this title is worth it alone for that. I mean it's essentially a brand new 2D Zelda game. The fact that you no longer have to use GBAs is good though I know most of my friends and I will be using them anyway (a fourth GBA is really the only problem).

The speech generator is going to be massively missused unless they restrict certain words. Though I'm wondering if they'll even have that in the English version since it's much easier to do that with the Japanese language.

OlpusDecember 09, 2003

Why Nintendo didn't do this in full 3D?

Hostile CreationDecember 09, 2003

Cuz they didn't want to.

But damn them, this may very well be another game I'll have to buy. Me have no money for dis stuff!

Bill AurionDecember 09, 2003

Because it's much easier to make a 2d multiplayer Zelda game then a 3d one...Not to mention it cuts the development time to a mere fraction of a 3d incarnation...

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