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Viewtiful Joe is Back for More in Japan

by Mike Sklens - November 12, 2003, 11:03 am EST
Total comments: 9 Source: Quiter

Actually, he's back for less.

Japanese gaming site Quiter is reporting that Capcom will be re-releasing Viewtiful Joe in Japan with some new content. The "upgraded" version will be known as Viewtiful Joe Popular Edition. The game will go on sale December 18th and will be price at 3,980 Yen ($36). The game will include a new easier difficulty mode titled "Suwito" (Sweet).


Bill AurionNovember 12, 2003

And here I'm thinking a sequel was announced... face-icon-small-tongue.gif

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorNovember 12, 2003

face-icon-small-sad.gif i still haven't played viewtiful joe cause i'm so broke. =(

vuduNovember 12, 2003

that might be the saddest thing i've ever heard pale. i'm almost tempted to send you my copy just so you will have the satisfaction of playing the game.

DrydenNovember 12, 2003

A great game, but I started on Adults mode, and I don't see the need for a mode two notches down. Maybe a couple extra save points, especially in their damn five bosses in a row...but still. And in Japan, nonetheless. I thought they were gaming gods, able to smite petty American players with their superior gaming skills and Dance Dance Revolution madness. Or so I'm told.

But that's better than the original plan to release it on the PS2 to get better market penetration.

KnoxxvilleNovember 12, 2003

I called Metroid Prime last year for game of the year. This year my money's on Henshin-a-go-go-BABY!!

joshnickersonNovember 12, 2003


Originally posted by: Dryden
Maybe a couple extra save points, especially in their damn five bosses in a row...but still.

I hear ya. And an interrupt save feature would have been great for those of us who only get in a short time of gaming a week.

vuduNovember 13, 2003


Originally posted by: ign
This budget re-release of the original Viewtiful Joe will be sold for 3980 yen ($40) and will include a new "Sweet Mode" tuned for mega difficulty.

ign is reporting the new difficulty level will be harder, not easier. i have no idea who is correct, but i can't imagine a harder version than ultra v-rated mode. god that skill level kicks my ass. i'll never unlock captain blue.

DrydenNovember 13, 2003

IGN has got to be wrong. Offering a harder mode?
Ultra V-Rated Mode is like walking into a room full of clowns and thinking that they're really funny, so you laugh. But they're not those cool funny clowns that do that whole Charlie Chaplin walk, they're more like Stephen King's clown in "It", you know the one with John Ritter? And they don't find your laugh very well-placed. So they all frown about it, then surround you and do things that shouldn't be done with a balloon animal.

A Sweet mode that's harder would replace those clowns with Hitler, and that Balloon Animal with...ummm...Genghis Khan. Hardcore.

I'd probably still buy it.

Grey NinjaNovember 13, 2003


IGN has got to be wrong. Offering a harder mode?

IGN is always wrong.

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