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Nintendo Fusion Tour Concludes

by Rick Powers - September 22, 2003, 12:23 am PDT
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Evanescence, Finger Eleven, and Revis closed out the Nintendo Fusion Tour last night at Seattle's Moore Theater.

Sunday night at Seattle's Moore Theater, Evanescence headlined the final stop on their 26 major market tour, sponsored by Nintendo, Circuit City, Launch, and Blender. The supporting bands last night were Finger Eleven and Revis. Of course, Evanescence stole the show, with Amy Lee (lead vocals) thanking Seattle for being the first major city to support the band before they made it big.

The upper balcony outside the main floor was lined in GameCube consoles so the fans could try out some of the new and upcoming games. Even while the bands were playing, the GameCubes seemed to be occupied, so it's easy to say that they were a hit.

The show itself was a blast, with many folks from Nintendo catching the show in their own backyard. Finger Eleven opened the show, with Amy Lee joining Scott Anderson (lead vocals) for one song, to the delight of the crowd. In between sets, Tour sponsors tossed exclusive Nintendo Fusion Tour t-shirts to the crowd. Revis took stage next, keeping the crowd amped up for the last act.

After Revis, the roadies played a little "hair metal" while they revamped the stage for Evanescence's set. It must have been an omen, as later on, Amy's band decided to pull a fast one when she asked for the crowd's help singing along to the next song, and played a medley of Metallica hits instead of the band's single "Bring Me To Life". "Thanks for indulging them, Seattle", she laughed.

After the show, Nintendo hosted an after party at the Bada Lounge. Scott Anderson of Finger Eleven took a few minutes to kick back and talk to us about his history playing video games. He mentioned that kids today have it too easy with video games, and that they aren't as hard as they used to be, with F-Zero getting a bad rap for its old-school difficulty. Scott is a gamer from way back, even mentioning his love of the Super Scope to one of the Nintendo employees he was chatting with. He's got an HDTV complete with component cables ordered directly from Nintendo so he could get his F-Zero fix delivered the right way. While on the road, he's playing a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, as he loves the turn-based combat. I made sure to let him know to look out for Fire Emblem.

When I asked Scott about the exposure they were going to get being on the 1080 Avalanche soundtrack, he was thrilled. "Our publicist called us and asked me if I was familiar with 'One-Zero-Eight-Zero Snowboarding'. I said, 'Ten-Eighty? Are you kidding me?' It's going to be a really big deal for the band." Cauterize will also be on the 1080 Avalanche soundtrack, but was unable to perform at the show this past Sunday.

Thanks to Colleen & Tom at GH and Jennifer at Nintendo for inviting us to the show, as well as Evanescence, Finger Eleven, and Revis for putting on a fantastic final show.


NintendoFanGirlSeptember 22, 2003

The concert was great last night. Nintendo was there in full force. I was in "Nintendo heaven". I placed first in F-Zero so the Nintendo guy gave me a Nintendo Fusion Tour shirt. They were also passing out NFT buttons. They also were giving away autographed GameCubes and GBA. Of course there were those 10-11 year old boys who said "if I won the GameCube I would sell it for an X-box".

RABicleSeptember 22, 2003

Shoulda kicked those brats in the head.
Whatever happend to Nintendo being kiddy?

PIACSeptember 23, 2003

nintendo is only kiddy to kids, ill reiterate my story about my trip to EB, when i was at EB getting FFTA the other day, i over heard some little anus's (about 13-14 year old) at the xbawx section saying omfg this game is awsome etc (was some craptastic looking shooter or something) and then they said something about gamecube being s*** and only kids play it, it left me wondering... arn't they kids?, then over at the gamecube section there was a few people at different times from ages about 17-25 looking/buying cube games, yeah nintendo is real kiddy ;P

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