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Logitech Steering Wheels: Over One Million Served

by Steven Rodriguez - August 25, 2003, 10:29 am EDT
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The GameCube's Speed Force is just one of many from the emerging leader in gaming wheels.

Logitech Achieves Force Feedback Racing Wheels Milestone: More Than One Million Sold Worldwide

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 25, 2003--Logitech, a leading provider of gaming controllers for PCs and consoles, and a market leader in force feedback-enabled wheels, today announced that it has sold more than one million force feedback wheels worldwide since the original Logitech® Formula(TM) Force GP rolled off the production line in September 1998. Logitech has now brought to market eight force feedback-enabled wheels across the PC, PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System and Nintendo GameCube(TM) gaming platforms, and was the first company to introduce a force feedback wheel for any console.

In addition to offering force feedback wheels, which continue to be supported by an increasing number of force feedback racing games worldwide and remain popular among gamers of all ages, Logitech continues to expand its product offerings in the category, adding features such as more sophisticated programmable controls, full-size gas and brake pedals with unique carpet grip technology, increased gear shifting options, and a high-end design. Later this year, the company will add 900 degrees of rotation (2.5 turns, lock-to-lock) to its list of gaming technology innovations.

"Logitech force feedback wheels fully immerse gamers in the driving experience," said Fred Swan, director of marketing for Logitech's Interactive Entertainment Business Unit. "This achievement attests not only to our position as the world's foremost supplier of force feedback wheels, but also to the widespread acceptance this technology has achieved among driving game enthusiasts. There truly is no better way to play a driving game than with a force feedback wheel."

"Force feedback technology has given racing games a tremendous boost in realism, by transitioning the simulated driving experience into a realistic and fully immersive activity," said Schelley Olhava, program manager, IDC. "The implementation of force feedback technology into more and more racing games will continue to benefit gamers by closely simulating live racing."

Force feedback is a sophisticated method for providing racing aficionados with realistic tactile feedback when playing on a PC or console. It is also widely used in medical, space and flight simulators to provide lifelike training for students and professionals who make split-second decisions based not just on sight and sound, but also on their sense of touch. This cutting-edge technology has been extended to the PC and next-generation console gaming over the last five years. Force feedback is even richer, more realistic and engaging than the non-directional vibration feedback to which many gamers are accustomed. Through the use of advanced software and electronics, force feedback can move a steering wheel or joystick as if the device were subject to real external forces.

Looking Ahead

Later this year, Logitech will give racers the chance to experience the most realistic force feedback steering wheel ever. The Logitech Driving Force(TM) Pro, previewed in May at the E3 tradeshow, is specifically designed for use with Polyphony Digital's upcoming Gran Turismo(TM) 4 racing simulation game, exclusively on PlayStation®2. It will be the world's first force feedback steering wheel that mimics the dynamic 900-degree turning radius of an actual performance-oriented streetcar.


PIACAugust 25, 2003

i just might have to pick one of these up for f-zero GX, allthought i dont play alot of driving games...

BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusAugust 25, 2003

No, not for F-Zero. Please. Read my review of the wheel and my impressions of F-Zero for details.

PIACAugust 25, 2003

sir yes sir! *goes to read*

hrm, you may have very well saved me $2-300 there, i never used a wheel for F-Zero X, so i guess i dont need one for GX, thanks Bloodworth face-icon-small-happy.gif

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