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New Mario Kart: Double Dash Movies!

by Rick Powers - August 20, 2003, 7:35 pm EDT
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Fresh new movies of MK:DD from the Toy Test. Captured in PGC's patented "ShakyCam GX" process!

Updated with two more movies from the Toy Test. Details are below.

Fresh from the Toy Test, we've got a couple of videos from the updated version of Mario Kart: Double Dash for you. We apologize in advance for the quality, but these were taken with a mid-range digital camera as opposed to a camcorder ... all we had on short notice. Regardless, even at 15fps, the sense of speed should be noticeable.

Bear in mind as you're watching, these are VERY young kids playing, and sometimes they just sit there not knowing what to do. They figure it out eventually.

You'll need the DivX 5.05 codec in order to watch these movies. Make sure you choose the text link that says "DivX Codec only" unless you want the ad-ware supported version of their software package.

On with the show!

Thanks to DivX Networks for the encoding tools!


Illustrious ChenAugust 20, 2003

It's nice that your using DivX as opposed to cracky quicktime but I'm not wasting precious time downloading it with my dial-up if a bunch of punk kids that have no idea what they're doing are playing it. I'd rather watch dogs or plants play it.

Berto2KAugust 20, 2003

Sweeet Rick, thanks. Its funny too cause with this being linked and talked about in the ign boards, there are acutally positive comments coming from the members there towards PGC.

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