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More HAL/Sakurai Details

by Steven Rodriguez - August 20, 2003, 6:31 am EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Nintendo Inside (Japan)

The Kirby creator isn't ruling out creating games for Nintendo some time down the line.

In the recent issue of Japan's Nintendo Dream magazine, Kirby creator and recently turned ex-employee of HAL, Masahiro Sakurai, said in an interview that he and NCL president Satoru Iwata have parted on good terms. Iwata was a bit disappointed with the decision, but understood Sakurai's position and decided that it was the best for all around that he moved on.

Sakurai also mentioned in the interview that he wouldn't totally rule out making a game for Nintendo sometime down the road, telling his fans to be optimistic for his future.

As for what's left of HAL Labs, the development studio, rumored to be closed, is actually just moving shop to another location. Originally housed on the eighth floor of the so-called Pokémon building (the first floor of which is Pokémon Center Tokyo), HAL's new home will be in another location within the city.


ArbokAugust 20, 2003

Oh please, god, I hope he comes back to do another Smash Bros. down the line. Without a doubt one of Nintendo's hottest franchises, and considering how well the first two worked with Masahiro Sakurai, I hope he continues to work on the series.

(gets down on his hands and knees and prays)

KDR_11kAugust 20, 2003

I think he quit for the reason that he wanted creative freedom, not sequel nr. 10. But I think they'll manage to make a sequel to SSB without him, while he spends his time on the much demanded new games.

BonzeemerAugust 20, 2003

And I still may find out what Kirby is!
Meh he ha bwa ha ah cackle ..wheeez..

Michael8983August 20, 2003

"I think he quit for the reason that he wanted creative freedom, not sequel nr. 10."

If that were the case, he'd of left a LONG time ago.
Hal has pretty much just been doing Kirby game after Kirby game for over a decade now.

I think his departure has to do with the changes at Hal. Nintendo is supposably making Hal a MUCH larger studio that will be devoted to a larger number of games. I think Sakurai just liked Hal being a small, cozy development studio doing one or two games at a time.

MingesiumAugust 20, 2003

I think that Michael is right. It looks like Nintendo wants to expand and is making Hal a part of Nintendo Tokyo. Maybe Nintendo will use the Q Fund and give Sakurai is own team.

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