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e-Reader Scrapped for Europe

by Steven Rodriguez - August 18, 2003, 11:16 am EDT
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A shocking announcement, considering that Australia is getting the device in October.

CVG is reporting Nintendo of Europe has confirmed to the British magazine that the e-Reader accessory has been removed from all of NOE's release lists. This is despite the fact that it was confirmed for a Euro release back in May, with a plethora of e-Card games to go with it.

The Nintendo rep who informed CVG about this decision gave no reason for the apparent cancellation of the e-Reader in European territories. Considering that America is getting a new bundle deal, and the oft-ignored Australia is getting the thing, the decision to axe a popular product in the third largest game market in the world is curious.

We'll keep you posted with any further details when them become available.


PIACAugust 18, 2003

o_O... how... utterly stupid, for what possible reason would they have to cancel it?

KDR_11kAugust 18, 2003

grrrr.... Why do they hate us so much? Even though I have no idea what an e-reader is, I'm mad at them anyway!

PlugabugzAugust 18, 2003

The E-Reader is also used for Animal Crossing. So expect AC to either be very delayed, or not arrive at all.

Illustrious ChenAugust 18, 2003

Oh my! Nintendo has no reason to cancel the European eReader, they really must hate Europe...

Wait a second, wouldn't they have to translate the cards into about 50 different languages? If I spoke only German or French I would make sure to learn at least English for this type of thing.

KnowsNothingAugust 18, 2003

Exactly, there are too many languages in Europe.

e-Reader is not only for Animal Crossing. It's main function is to download NES games off cards to to your GBA. There are also Pokemon and minigames and such.

Grey NinjaAugust 18, 2003

I have never really wanted an e-Reader. IMHO, you aren't missing out on much.

donkey.kongAugust 18, 2003

Hi all, Just thought i'd shine some light on the situation here.
I work at Electronics Boutique (EB Games) over in Adelaide in South Australia.
Last week i was Speaking to the NINTENDO REP. and he said that NintendoOfEurope (i think but not positvie if it was NOE or someone else, but definately was someone with a say on the European releases.) wanted Animal crossing translated in all the european languages ie French, German, Spanish etc, otherwise not at all. and cause the e-Reader is hugely based on Animal Crossing i pressume that would be why the e-Reader won't be seeing a European release. Australia's market is like in the 80-90% english speaking so NintendoOfAustralia just wanted Animal Crossing no matter if it was only English or not (cause English is the majority in Aus) I think it will be a Straight Region change and thats all, i doubt all the seasons and holidays will be changed in time for the October release date.

So there you have it folks that is what i understand of this HUGELY dissappointing situation.

YenRugAugust 19, 2003

Would just like to point out, Europe as a whole is now considered to be the second biggest videogame market in teh world, with Japan in third place. If you seperate out the UK by itself, it becomes USA first, Japan second, UK third, Rest of Europe fourth.

RABicleAugust 20, 2003

So? Australia spends more money per capita towards videogames then any other country, thats an irrelevent stat, taking a device like the ecard reader to europe without the killer app (animal crossing) to go with it is stupid.

JBAugust 20, 2003

According to Ninteno of Europe's managing director both the e-Reader and Animal Crossing are being released early next year in Europe.

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