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Mario Golf Japanese Golf Course Promotion

by Steven Rodriguez - July 28, 2003, 10:42 am EDT
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If you can score a hole-in-one on a Japanese golf course next month, you can win a GameCube. If you fail, you get some candy. Sign me up!

From August 23 to September 23, over 500 golf courses around Japan will be participating in a Mario Golf promotion wherein participants can win some nice Nintendo prizes. During the contest period, if some lucky golfer scores a hole-in-one on a designanted hole, they'll win a GameCube, Game Boy Player, four controllers, and a copy of Mario Golf, the so-called "Enjoyment Plus Pack." There are also prizes for participating, one of which is apparently a lovely Mario Golf candy assortment.

Mario Golf will be out and about in Japan on September 5, so this contest will give Japanese golfers an opportunity to win the game before its release. Golfers here in North America, on the other hand, can go out and pick up the game right now.


KnowsNothingJuly 28, 2003

No, we can't, because all the stores are releasing the game on WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY.


(hehe, overreacting is great.)

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