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F-Zero GX Import/Freeloader Issues UPDATED

by Steven Rodriguez - July 23, 2003, 11:17 am EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: NCS

Have a Freeloader? Looking to import F-Zero for the GameCube? You might want to reconsider. Updated with new info!

Codejunkies has posted codes for the GameCube Action Replay which will fix the F-Zero screen issues if you're using that to play import games. There is no fix for the standard Freeloader which doesn't accept codes.

Code #1

1. GE0E-N57N-NG1QW

2. XWUF-2990-RMYFT



Code #2

1. 5J52-D1GM-24AFY


3. VPXD-0A5D-46Z4Y



Online game import giant National Console Support is reporting that the Japanese version of F-Zero GX, when played on a US or European GameCube by way of Datel's Freeloader, doesn't display the game the way it was originally intended.

Apparently, text overlays such as the time, lap counter, and other common HUD displays seen on-screen during a race disappear, leaving only the actual race going on behind them. Additionally, the opening main menu completely vanishes, leaving only the empty background. All game modes can be selected, but you would need to blindly make your way around, as you wouldn't be able to see what you're trying to select.

It should be stressed that these complications found with using the Freeloader are only cosmetic, meaning the actual game is still 100% playable. You'll just be missing all the information you need to help you out to do it.

This only applies to importers intending on using the Freeloader disc. Gamers with modded consoles will not have this problem at all. Those concerned about this problem would do well to contact their importer and perhaps hold off on the import, waiting instead for the domestic release on August 25.


Illustrious ChenJuly 23, 2003

Ever since I saw the jibberish that replaced the Japanese text in my import copy of Ikaruga I knew the Freeloader software wasn't an end-all solution. Blah, I guess I'll have to wait.

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