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Saunders Brings GBA Cases to Gamers

by Steven Rodriguez - July 22, 2003, 10:45 am EDT
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A company known for cases for cell phones thinks it can bring a hardcase to the GBA crowd.

Saunders Launches Into a New Playing Field With Introduction of the RhinoSkin(TM) Protective Hardcase For Gameboy Advance SP

READFIELD, Maine, July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Saunders expands its RhinoSkin(TM) brand to provide case solutions for mobile gaming devices with the launch of the Aluminum HardCase for the recently introduced GameBoy Advance SP from Nintendo.

"We recognize that a sleek play-through design, maximum protection and extreme functionality are key requirements for all consumers to protect the investment they make in their mobile devices, including premium quality gaming devices such as the GameBoy Advanced SP," says Adam Willwerth, Group Marketing Manager. "Whether used by kids, teens or even commuting adults, these mobile gaming devices are a significant investment with design construction similar to that used in PDA's and Smart Phones."

The RhinoSkin case for the GameBoy Advance SP uses hard anodized aluminum with an EVA foam interior to protect the device against shock, drops and other rugged treatment by the user. The case is designed to snuggly hold the device and allows full and ergonomic play-through while the device is in the case. The case has a spring-loaded flip-up cover which folds open and snaps shut just like the device. It also provides a secure mounting system that securely locks the device in the case for added protection while in use. Access cutouts for "L" and "R" buttons, volume control, extension supports, power switch and the game cartridge are incorporated into the case design. This new case is available in Platinum to compliment the GameBoy Advance SP device. It's a step up in case design for the gaming category.

The suggested retail price for the new RhinoSkin GameBoy Advance SP aluminum HardCase is $14.95. The RhinoSkin synthetic ClipPak #00293 will allow the gamer to carry the case clipped onto the belt with room for two extra game cartridges and includes a StuffBak loss protection label. The case is available at www.rhinoskin.com and on the web reseller site www.directcase.com.

For more information on Saunders' full line of RhinoSkin(TM) brand of cases for PDAs, Smart Phones, Gaming and other mobile devices contact Saunders at 800-341-4674 or visit our websites at www.saunders-usa.com and www.rhinoskin.com.


vuduJuly 22, 2003

interesting idea...i was hoping for more of a carrying case (holds system, games, ear phone adaptor, etc) but this is truly unique. i'd be interesting in hearing what anyone who bought this has to say about its functionality.

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