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Capcom Reveals Gotcha Force

by Jonathan Metts - December 31, 2002, 10:47 pm EST
Total comments: 2 Source: Capcom Japan Website

It's sort of like a cartoon version of The Grid, with the obligatory Pokemon elements.

Capcom will be showing a new third-person shooter for GameCube at E3. Gotcha Force is essentially a kid-targeted deathmatch game, similar to Nintendo's own Custom Robo series. Players collect toys and make them fight each other in 3D arenas, apparently in real-time.

As with any game of this sort, you can collect tons of different toys (there are 100 in all) and trade with friends to assemble the ultimate team. The game supports battles of up to four players, and you can even team up and take on the computer in some kind of co-op mode.

Gotcha Force will be on display in Capcom's booth at E3 in just a couple of weeks. We'll have more information and impressions at that time.


nolimit19May 01, 2003

i think it sounds cool

BlkPaladinMay 02, 2003

This may not be one of the bigger titles in the show but from what I just read here it sounds interesting. Definetly is worth a hard look at to buy for my collection. It nice to know that the big 5 are the only games that were orginally slated to go to Gamecube if finnished.

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