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Merry Christmas 2002!

by Billy Berghammer - December 25, 2002, 8:33 am EST
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Ho Ho Ho! Time to unwrap those shiny new games! Some Christmas wishes from your friends at PGC...

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Ah yes, the holiday season is there. Lots to eat, drink and play. Some of our staff are taking well deserved vacations, while others are working on last minute domestic and import reviews, or poised waiting for any news to break.

As we sit back after large holiday dinner(s), it’s interesting looking back on the year that was 2002. To explain for those that are new to PGC, last year at this time I was figuring out Planet GameCube’s fate. Advertising wasn’t going all that well, and server costs were more than I could bear. It was getting desperate. I mean, there’s only so much plasma one can sell. Ok, I’m kidding. Cat plasma doesn’t sell all that well in the black market.

This year was really our true trial. Could we keep the love going for one more year? There must be someone watching us from above, because there were a couple miracles that kept our dream alive. Between our readers, advertisers, and families, we persevered this year. Not only that but Planet GameCube prospered and is ready for next year.

If it weren’t for the support of our readers, fans, NOA, GH, NCL, first-second-third parties, ok fine everyone reading this…this wouldn’t have been possible.

All I have to say is this. I’m surrounded by the best damn team in the world. Realize they work for little or no compensation outside of certain “perks” that come with the job. The people on the staff of Planet GameCube do this out of the love of what we do.

This has been the biggest videogame season in history, but not only did we survive but we rocked it. We did it. I’d like to thank our staff, sponsors, readers, and everyone that helped support Planet GameCube.com. Bring on 2003!

On behalf of the staff of Planet GameCube.com, I’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and safe holidays and wonderful new year.

God Bless,

The Planet GameCube Staff

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