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Famitsu Update - Pokèmon 0wnage

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - December 7, 2002, 8:54 am EST
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Nothing bèats the Pokèmon. More than 1 million copiès sold in lèss than a wèèk. Famitsu update inside.

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Even with the newest Pokemon titles taking Japan by storm, the cover story this week on Famitsu was nonetheless the Enix and Square

merger. On the Nintendo front, things are quiet before Zelda hits the shelves in less than a week. Kaze no Takuto coverage was minimal with only 2 pages.

Nintendo's Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire grabs the first place spot with 1,245,003 copies sold within four days of its release. To put that in perspective, Dragon Quest Characters: Toruneko's Adventure 3 (PS2) sold 465,676 copies in a month's time, and Breath of Fire V (PS2) sold 111,329 copies in three week's time. Biohazard 0 takes the second spot. Super Robot Taisen Orginal Generation (GBA) is 3rd followed by Mario Party 4. Yes, the top four games in Japan are on Nintendo systems. Kinikuman 2nd Generation appears at 8th place and Hoshi no Kirby: Fountain of Dreams slides to the 10th spot.

Three GameCube games, Godzilla Melee, Evolution Skateboarding, and Disney

Sports: American Football, are reviewed this week. The only silver mark title

is Evolution Skateboarding with a 31/40(7,8,8,8). Reviewers claimed that the graphics of the GC version are better than that of the PS2 version. Disney Sports: American Football receives a 28 (6,7,7,8) and Godzilla Melee receives a 27 (7,6,7,7).

On the GBA side, the Hajime no Ippo -The Fighting (based on a boxing manga

series) garners a score of 31 (8,8,8,7), while Klonoa Heroes - The Legend of the Star Medal is rated at 31 (7,8,8,8) also.

Both receive a silver mark. Square's first GBA game, Chocobo Land: Game of Dice, is deemed lackluster, with the reviewers giving it a 28 (7,7,7,7).

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