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New Famitsu Weekly Scores

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - November 16, 2002, 8:32 am EST
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Famitsu reviews the new Pokemon game and Biohazard 0. Details inside.

Besides the big Zelda promotion CD announcement, the latest issue of Famitsu

features its first coverage of Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime for the

Japanese gamers. Both games are due out in February 2003 in Japan.

About two thirds of the Top 30 chart were populated by PS and PS2 titles.

From TV animation ONE PIECE Treasure Battle (GC) comes in at second place

behind Dragon Question Characters Toruneko's Adventure 3 (PS2). Hoshi no

Kirby - Fountain of Dreams Deluxe holds on to the third place while Tales of

the World - Narikiri Dungeon 2 slides to the eighth place. Super Mario

Sunshine stays at 26th and Eternal Darkness drops from 12th to 28th place.

Five GameCube games get reviewed this week. Biohazard 0 received a 38

(10,9,9,10), which makes it eligible for a platinum mark. Reviewers raved

about its graphics and the involvement of different characters in the gameplay. Super Monkey Ball 2 and Muscle Champion, a four player sports

action game, will also be released on the same date of Biohazard 0. Super

Monkey Ball 2 receives a silver (8,8,7,8) and Muscle Champion received a 27

(7,7,6,7). Kinikuman 2nd Generation and Harry Potter and the Chamber of

Secrets both received a 27.

On the GBA front, Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire received a gold mark (9,8,8,9).

Reviewers generally praised the new 2 vs 2 system, a number of fixes over the

previous versions, and the addition of sub-missions. Super Robot Wars

Original Generation also received a gold mark (8,8,8,8).

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