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Capcom Reveals Five for GameCube

by Jonathan Metts - November 13, 2002, 10:59 pm PST
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BREAKING NEWS: A famous production studio devoted to GameCube announces Biohazard 4, Mikami's newest project, and three more.

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Capcom's Japanese website has updated with a huge new section for Production Studio 4, the company's developer suite devoted quite heavily, it seems, to the GameCube platform. Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is the General Manager of Production Studio 4, which was formed in October 1999. The new website is available in English at the link above.

The newly unveiled games include Biohazard 4, the next game in the series known as Resident Evil outside Japan, plus four more games that have never before been announced at all.

Biohazard 4 takes place after the events of Biohazard 3: Nemesis. The game stars Leon from the second game in the series, and apparently it is set deep within the heart of the Umbrella Corporation. Capcom's site seems to indicate that Biohazard 4 will have its own special unveiling in the near future, as there is currently very little information on it. The release date is listed as "200X", i.e. no date has been set.

Shinji Mikami's long-awaited GameCube title is Product Number 03, or P.N.03 for short. The game follows the exploits of a robot hunter and will feature lots of explosions and ballistic chaos when it arrives in Japan in spring 2003.

Viewtiful Joe (yes, that's the correct spelling) is a side-scrolling superhero game from director Hideki Kamiya. The director's comments describe the game as being all about action and the fluidity of movement; the goal is to make it feel like you're really controlling a superhero. Viewtiful Joe is set for release in Japan in spring 2003.

Dead Phoenix is a fantasy-themed game set in a city high floating in the clouds. The main character is a winged warrior named Phoenix. Director Hiroki Kato says he wants to create that "flying like the bird" feeling in this game. Dead Phoenix is due out in summer 2003 for Japan.

Finally, Killer7 is a hitman epic from director Gouichi Suda, produced by Shinji Mikami. The main character is, according to the site, a wheelchair-bound old man who happens to be an assassin with seven different personalities. Each one gives him different abilities in his quest to hunt down his evil adversary, Kun Lan. You'll have to wait for this one, as it won't be released in Japan until winter 2003.

We'll have more on all of these games very soon. Until then, we suggest you check out Capcom's new GameCube site in English via the above link and read up on these games yourself.

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