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Stealth Dimmer Released for GBA Afterburner

by Daniel Bloodworth - July 23, 2002, 11:03 pm EDT
Source: Division 6

Division 6 has released an alternative to the dimmer included with the Afterburner. Read on for more details.

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The Stealth Dimmer chip is made for those who want to be able to adjust the brightness of the Afterburner light without cutting a hole in their Game Boy Advance to install a dial. Since it connects to the buttons on the GBA, the A or B button can be used in conjuction with Select to brighten or darken the light or even turn it off. It also seems to be fairly flexible, since the dimmer function can be turned off at any time and it will even remember whether it's on or off after the batteries have been replaced. Kits cost $10 or less plus shipping, and there are several recommended installation partners listed at the site.

Division 6, the producer of the Stealth Dimmer, has been up for about a week now. Apparently the project was started by a hobbyist trying to find another solution, but demand for the product has forced him to open shop.

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