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Most. Anxious. Turok Fan. EVAR!

by Max Lake - July 15, 2002, 7:36 pm EDT
Source: GameSpot

One UK gamer is preparing to wait in line for Turok Evolution with hopes of breaking a world record.

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If you thought PGC was obsessed with our countdown to Mario Sunshine, or that our beloved “Crazy Billy” couldn’t be outdone by staying in Japan to wait in line for his GameCube, then wait till you hear about Jason Read. GameSpot is reporting that Read will begin an attempt to break the world record for the longest amount of time spent waiting for a video game on July 18th. The 25-year-old UK resident plans to break the record by 20 days as he waits in line for the upcoming Turok Evolution from Acclaim. Luckily, Read won’t be alone in his massive wait; Acclaim is promising to help him get into the record books.

"When we heard about Jason's attempt to get into the record books by queuing for one of our games, we felt that we had to support him," said Shaun White, PR manager at Acclaim. "We sincerely hope that by providing him with some of our other games, the next 50 days will fly by."

"I've been a huge fan of the Turok series and was excited to see that a fourth game is being released later in the year," Read said. "This gave me the perfect excuse to make my record-breaking queuing attempt, and I'm fully committed to going all the way."

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