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Battlecry gets Original Robotech Cast

by Max Lake - July 15, 2002, 2:51 pm EDT
Source: Robotech.com

TDK has successfully recruited the original voice-acting cast of the Robotech cartoon for its upcoming game!

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Anyone who has seen TDK Mediactive’s Robotech Battlecry in action can attest that the game is going to be an exciting interactive realization of the cartoon many of us enjoyed in younger days. Now, in an exciting development, the game won’t just look and feel like good ol’ Robotech, it will sound like it too. Robotech.com has reported that TDK was able to track down and record the original voice actors for the game which hits next-generation platforms this fall. On June 27, there was a reunion of the cast, as they grouped together at Intersound Studios in Hollywood to reprise their old roles, as well as provide voices for many of the new characters introduced in the game.

The performers & their respective characters are: Dan Woren ("Roy Fokker"), Tony Oliver ("Rick Hunter"), Reba West ("Lynn Minmei"), Melanie MacQueen ("Lisa Hayes"), Cam Clarke ("Max Sterling") and Melora Harte ("Musica"). This is the first time the group has been together in over 15 years, though many still have fond memories of working on the classic show. For many of them, Robotech was one of their first voice acting gigs. Cam Clarke reflected, "I've done lots of voice work, but Robotech was where I cut my teeth!"

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