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Logitech Brings Force-Feedback Wheel to GC

by Steven Rodriguez - July 15, 2002, 11:52 am EDT
Source: Yahoo/Business Wire

Jealous that Gran Turismo 3 got its own steering wheel? Don't be anymore.

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Immersion's Advanced Force Feedback Technology to be Available for the Nintendo GameCube Platform Through Licensing Partner

Logitech's New Force Feedback Steering Wheel Includes Haptic Technologies Licensed From Immersion

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 15, 2002-- Immersion Corp., a leading developer and licensor of haptic feedback technology, announced that its premier gaming licensing partner, Logitech, has incorporated haptic technology in the new Logitech Speed Force. This is the first steering wheel to include advanced force feedback technology for Nintendo GameCube. The wheel will enable gamers to feel every turn, bump and dip during gameplay, providing a more realistic and engaging experience. In addition, advanced force feedback can allow gamers the opportunity to improve performance. For example, a user could feel the wheels begin to lose contact with the road and react before a slide occurs.

The wheel is expected to sell for approximately $50, which is half the cost of many other force feedback wheels on the market today. Logitech and Nintendo are working closely with game developers to ensure a wide variety of games will be available to support the wheel.

"Our goal in developing interactive peripherals capable of delivering touch sensations is to offer consumers the richest entertainment experience possible," said Fred Swan, director of marketing for Interactive Entertainment at Logitech. "Force feedback technology adds a vital component to the overall realism of any game being played with our new Speed Force wheel."

"The Logitech Speed Force wheel is a milestone in the evolution of force feedback technology for the gaming console market," said Ramon Alarcon, director, gaming and entertainment, at Immersion. "Having our technology advanced on the Nintendo Gamecube platform, as well as the significant drop in price for a force feedback wheel, opens the door to a new audience of gamers, and demonstrates the growing penetration of haptics in gaming."

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