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Army Men Take to the Skies

by Max Lake - July 12, 2002, 10:20 am EDT
Source: GameSpot

Army Men: Air Combat: The Elite Missions is on its way to GameCube.

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Yesterday 3DO announced it would bring Army Men: Air Combat: The Elite Missions exclusively to the GameCube by the end of 2002. Players take to the skies as Captain Blade, commander of the Alpha Wolf Squadron of the Green Army. Elite Missions will feature five different helicopters to choose from, each with their own characteristics to take on 20 missions which includes 11 "Our World" environments (where the figures are 2 1/2" tall interacting with oversized objects in oversized settings). Each helicopter will have a relatively realistic physics engine which takes wind and added weight, such as towing objects, into account. Elite Missions will also have five different multiplayer modes for head-to-head fun. For more info, check out the game profile linked in the sidebar.

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