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Another 3D Engine for GBA

by Jonathan Metts - July 8, 2002, 8:17 am EDT
Source: Games Press

A company called Logik State has announced their 3D engine for GBA, with screenshots.

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UK developer Logik State is showing off its new 3D polygonal engine for GBA, with screenshots at the link above. The screens show a car racing demo and a snowboarding demo. These could eventually become actual GBA games, but so far there is no publisher for them.

Here are some of the technical features, courtesy of Games Press:

  • 15->20 fps 3D on a primarily 2d platform in a real game situation

  • Over 2500 polygons per second when texture mapping the whole screen

  • Full UV affine texture mapped polygons

  • Full 6 Degree's of freedom

  • Full 3D collision system

  • Highly optimized ARM assembly

  • Object culling

  • Back-face culling

  • Particle system

  • N sided polygons

  • Supporting full 3D environments e.g. racing tracks,3D worlds

  • Object LOD support

  • 3D sprites support

  • Full parent child object hierarchy

  • Procedural texture support

  • Animated texture support

  • Animated camera(s) allow easy implementation of cut scenes and/or replays

  • Runs alongside a custom sound driver mixing 8bit digital PCM sound data with 6 channels for music and 2 channels for sound effects

  • Coupled with our custom sound driver this provides a complete solution for 3D graphics.

    The company says they'll have movies of the engine up at their website soon.

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