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Nintendo UK's Summer GBA Campaign

by Jonathan Metts - July 5, 2002, 8:56 pm EDT
Source: NOE Press Release

Brits can expect to see lots of GBA ads in the coming months, because Nintendo wants you to play games in the sun.

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With summer arriving in full force and many people (although not necessarily us gamers) spending more time outside, Nintendo wants you to know that the GBA doesn't have to be left behind. The company's UK subsidiary is launching a marketing campaign in Great Britain, including a commercial to precede the upcoming Austin Powers movie and several appearances by the GBA Extreme Team, a group of five extreme sports figures who will be sponsored by Nintendo UK. Check out the full press release below for more info:


4 July 2002 – Video gaming no longer means sacrificing your suntan… This summer, Nintendo UK will embark upon a £1 million integrated marketing campaign to take gaming entertainment outdoors and drive sales of its handheld console as the must-have gift for anyone who’s out and about this year.

In a multi-layered approach, Nintendo will communicate its “Hot Games. No distractions” summer marketing campaign through the line, encompassing consumer and trade marketing, PR and events.

The strategy is to target people on the go and those wanting to be entertained – from sun-seekers, music festival-goers, film fans to shoppers and families. Just as the Game Boy Advance offers portability and instant gaming on the go – anytime and anywhere – Nintendo’s ethos of “Hot Games. No distractions” will be highlighted in heavyweight outdoor advertising activities and seen by those travelling on tubes, trams and buses.

A high-profile national cinema campaign also kicks off this summer with advertising spots during the eagerly anticipated Austin Powers 3 film. The cinema advert, created by advertising agency Leo Burnetts’ Milan, shows the extreme lengths people will go to play the console. Print advertisements will also feature in key games press and a national heavyweight radio campaign will drive brand awareness towards 15-24 year olds on the move. The entire campaign runs from mid July to the end of August.

Throughout the summer, interactive units housed within giant totem poles will be available onsite at event and music festivals so fans can grab a giant slice of the hottest games in the sun. Beating boredom will also be the central focus of the campaign. Nintendo will install interactive units at busy airports in the UK, securing Game Boy Advance as an essential item of hand luggage. To relieve moments of boredom, passengers will be able to sample some of the great games on interactive units and console-equipped queuers at the check-in.

In supporting the console’s value of cutting edge extreme entertainment – Nintendo will be sponsoring a Game Boy Advance Extreme Team who will be appearing at events across Europe, from June to September. The sponsorship of 5 extreme sports people will feature talent from the fields of surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kite-surfing to downhill mountain biking and will draw a closer partnership between the two forms of extreme entertainment.

Game Boy Advance will be packed with superb gaming this summer with a range of titles to suit all tastes and occasions. Fans of the blockbuster can get webbed up and take a spin as Spider-Man, the must-have action game from Activision. The console also sees one of the biggest gaming franchises, Tekken Advance from Infogrames, testing fighting skills this summer. UK gamers can sample some extreme sports and try tricks on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 by Activision or shift gears and race for pole position in V-Rally 3 from Infogrames. Adventure-seekers can also expect classic gameplay as Sonic Advance from Infogrames and Nintendo’s Super Mario World explode onto the small screen packed with hours of fun.

A heavyweight trade marketing campaign including high street POS materials and merchandise will also be backed by Game Boy Advance in-store interactive units that will be refreshed with new promotional material as well as key first and third party software. From 5 July 2002, Nintendo will release a special bundle pack for new gamers, including the best selling clear blue Game Boy Advance and the superb Super Mario World, Super Mario Advance 2 for around £90.

The Game Boy Advance has already sold a phenomenal 4 million units across Europe since launch last June. With an excellent range of software for all ages and a portfolio of over 150 games, Nintendo’s best seller looks set to continue as top choice for instant entertainment whenever and wherever you are.

Game Boy Advance is available in 5 colours and retails at around £70.

Game Boy Advance software retails at around £30.

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