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Quick Golden Sun: The Lost Age Q&A

by Steven Rodriguez - June 24, 2002, 8:08 pm EDT
Source: XenGamers

...the game world is how big?

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Dengenki caught up with Camelot's Takahashi brothers, then held them at gunpoint and forced them to answer a few questions about Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Well, maybe they didn't use guns, but whatever they did had the same effect, as there's some pretty nice new info in here. Here's a tiny snip:

Dengeki: How big is Golden Sun 2?

Hiroyuki-san: In the original, players basically explored one land. The sequel is about three times larger in terms of areas to explore.

Shugo-san: We only used about one quarter of the available land map in the original. In Golden Sun 2 players will feel as if they're traveling across a huge world.

Dengeki: You've said previously that a player's progress in the original Golden Sun could affect the sequel, how will that work?

Hiroyuki-san: Yes, that's been incorporated exactly as I imagined it. Think of it like this: a player needs to use every resource at his disposal in order to meet an objective. Relating to the game, it's important to capture as many enemies as possible. I'd advise players to go back through the game and make sure they've captured everything they can.

XenGamers has the rest, so do hop over there and gobble up the rest.

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