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The Internet on Your Game Boy?

by Steven Rodriguez - April 2, 2002, 10:16 am EST
Source: Press Release

Planet GameCube on your Game Boy Advance? Not quite, but these guys are taking a step toward that direction...

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X-traFun, Inc. - First Wireless GameBoy That Connects Others Around The World

CASTLE ROCK, Colo.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--April 2, 2002--You can now wirelessly access the Internet using the GameBoy handheld console. X-traFun Inc., of Castle Rock, Colorado, has designed and developed a cartridge for the GameBoy family of products that will enable mobile edutainment for kids of all ages. Besides interactive game playing, kids can now receive and send e-mails, perform chat messaging, e-book reading, and much more. Parents can send messages to their children while away from home.

``The beauty of this device is that it is a plug-n-play cartridge similar to what consumers are familiar with.'' Claims the former NASA Engineer & local Wireless Internet Executive Mark Kramer. He goes on to add, ``The X-traFun experience uses the latest hardware and software technologies from various sources around the world.'' The device uses wireless Bluetooth Technology, embedded microprocessor, and FLASH memory, which connects to an application, web, and data base servers.

The enthusiastic, excitable Kramer adds in the same breath: ``And here's the best news of all. The product will not cost much more than a standard game cartridge does today. This new product was designed and developed to provide:

1) Mobile edutainment experience for all.

2) Low-cost Internet communications access device.

3) Provide endless content information to the user.

4) A World of Fun.

X-traFun is in the process of partnering with various retail entertainment distributors to advertise and sell its product and services. The company will introduce the product first in North America and then abroad. The company hopes to receive a favorable endorsement from the Nintendo Corp., who develops and licenses the GameBoy(TM) brand products. ``This is like a David and Goliath encounter,'' Remarks Kramer, who is the President and CEO of X-traFun, Inc. ``In the end, we just want to make A World of Fun for kids.''

X-traFun, Inc. is a leader in the development of wireless Internet web-enabling technologies, products, and services for the consumer electronics industry. X-traFun is the first Bluetooth, handheld entertainment, educational, and personalized services communications network targeted to all kids. It combines interactive game play, chat messaging, e-mail, and other network service applications in one compact mobile device. For more information on X-traFun, Inc., visit our website at: www.x-trafun.com.

The company hasn't announced a price for the device, but did say on their website that it should be coming sometime this Summer.

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