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Acclaim Announces ZooCube for GameCube and GBA

by Jonathan Metts - March 21, 2002, 9:06 am EST
Source: Acclaim Press Release

Surprise! It's a 3D puzzle game.

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After months of speculation, Acclaim has finally revealed ZooCube to be a 3D puzzle game involving animals and some very pretty 3D environments. Whether the levels have any affect on gameplay remains to be seen...actually, not much at all is currently known about the gameplay, but Acclaim promises a delicate balance between "easy to learn" and "difficult to master", phrases any puzzle game fan should be familiar with. Versions for both GameCube and Game Boy Advance are scheduled to ship sometime this spring. Here's the official press release with more info:




Spring Releases Feature Innovative 3-D Graphics,

Addictive Arcade Game Play and Vast Mass-Market Appeal

GLEN COVE, NY, March 21, 2002 – Bringing an exciting new dimension to puzzle-solving games, Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ.SC: AKLM) today announced that it will release ZooCube for the Nintendo GameCubeÔ and Game Boy® Advance. Available this spring, ZooCube has been heralded for its innovative design and is the first true 3-D puzzle game available for the next-generation systems.

“ZooCube delivers an entirely unique puzzle-solving gaming experience, that is highly addictive and perfectly suited for the rapidly expanding mass-market Nintendo audience,” said Evan Stein, Vice President of Brand. “Striking an excellent balance between ‘ease-of use’ and ‘difficulty-to-master,’ ZooCube possesses great replay value to help make it a long-time favorite among gamers.”

Created by PuzzleKings, ZooCube takes puzzlers to a whole new dimension – the third dimension. Around the world, animals have been transformed by shape-altering science experiments and need help in returning to their natural state. Players use their ZooCube to rescue and return the animals to the flying ark. ZooCube offers an array of features, including:

§ The first 3-D puzzle game designed and available for the Nintendo GameCubeÔ and Game Boy® Advance;

§ Addictive and heart-pounding puzzle action;

§ Delivers a unique experience every time as no two games are ever the same;

§ Special power-ups, bonuses and mind-bending three-axis rotation;

§ Play cooperatively with a friend in or head-to-head battle;

§ 7 different modes of play, providing more than 100 hours of fun!

ZooCube will be available this spring for the Nintendo GameCubeÔ and Game Boy® Advance at suggested retail prices of $49.99 and $29.99, respectively. For more information on ZooCube, please visit www.acclaim.com.

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