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Biohazard Interview Part 2

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - March 19, 2002, 9:01 am PST
Source: Famitsu Weekly

PGC brings you the second half of Famitsu's interview with Producer Mikami. Read on about the game's difficulty, Biohazard 4, and some spoiler info inside.

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Famitsu: We think the gamers that will be playing this game are quite

different from those when the game was originally released. Did you tweak

the difficulty of the game?

Mikami: We made the game a bit simpler. It is only natural that times have

changed since six years ago. Some die hard fans of our staff still think

the game is too easy, but I think we have adjusted it to a very good point.

However, I can't really tell for sure. We will just have to release it and

see what happens since there are various types of gamers. After all, you

only get that "Yes! I did it!" feeling when you overcome a certain amount of

obstacles, but depending on the player, this amount varies. Especially

recently, wouldn't you think that there aren't much games that cannot be

cleared? That feeling of accomplishment comes from the fact that games are

about being, "It's diffcult, but if I try just a bit harder," to the player.

And Biohazard is especially known for that kind of appeal.

F: When you adjusted the game's difficulty, did you use any particular

criteria as a basis?

M: Hmm. I was concerned with making sure there are times where you run out

of bullets. This time, I was very careful with the placement of ammunition.

It's not about always having ammunition, but rather it's about getting some

after it runs out, and then getting some more after it runs out. It is how

well you can execute these "waves" that make the game more Biohazard-like.

F: This is just exactly what you said exactly about creating tension and

making the game come alive, correct?

M: Yes. We laid those parts as foundations, and adjusted the game.

Although it is somewhat easier than the game six years ago, well, for people

that think it's easy, just play a different mode. They will probably die.

F: So about those zombies that revive that are introduced in this issue of

Famitsu, can you give us some information?

M: Yeah. We were not intending to announce this from the beginning. We

wanted to catch players that played the series before off guard. As a

result, those gamers might think, "What, it's just like the original

Biohazard," or, "Ah. that zombie is already dead." And then they become

less cautious, and suddenly all the zombies that were dead come back alive,

and players are like, "What the...they're all back! Crap!" (laugh)

F: I see. Was that a result of wanting to add extras to the remake?

M: Well. When we first began to make the game, it was pretty much the same

game. It's unfortunate. At that time it was just Biohazard 1. It was just

a prettier Biohazard 1.

F: Ah. interesting.

M: Yes. When we began to work on the game, since zombies were like a

trademark and so well known, contrary to what many people think, zombies

become a symbol of safety. Basically it's much scarier if zombies don't

come out. As a result, when zombies appear, instead we feel a sense of


F: Hahaha. I see.

M: But, if there are no zombies, then it can't be called Biohazard. With

that dilemma in mind, we asked our staff for opinions and ideas, and went

from there.

F: I see. Movies are similar too. I perceive making a sequel for a horror

film is also difficult.

M: It starts to get old. That is why Biohazard 4 is extremely difficult to


F: We are sure that many people are waiting for Biohazard 4.

M: Yeah. But by remaking Biohazard 1, I think the staff actually discovered

the things that they wanted to do for the next game. Part of the reason we

decided to make the first Biohazard was also for Biohazard 4. In other

words, if we don't understand ourselves, "What is Biohazard," we can't

proceed to make a sequel. It's just like when you have black and white,

without knowing white, you can't really create black. That is why this

time, as a creator through making Biohazard 1, we can see the possibilities

and the limits of Biohazard. Among those possibilities, we find out ideas

we would like to try. And perhaps those ideas couldn't make it to the first

Biohazard. And all these stress and frustration builds up, and in a way it

becomes a springboard to create the next game. By learning a lesson from the

past, we can give birth to a new Biohazard. As a result, all those, "Let's

do that" and "Let's do this" all probably leak out into Biohazard 4. I am

not intending to control any of that though.

F: We are looking forward to it.

M: Yes. Since this is the first installment in the series, I played the

role of a very stubborn father. For the next game, in a way, I am like an

onlooker. I look forward to it.

F: Thank you.

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