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The Latest Famitsu Scores and Details

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - March 15, 2002, 8:37 am PST
Source: Famitsu

Checkout what Famitsu has to say about Biohazard, Rouge Squadron 2, NBA Street, and Rave.

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The latest issue of Famitsu reviewed Biohazard, Rogue Squadron 2, NBA Street, and Groove Adventure Rave.

As reported earlier, Biohazard scored 39 out of 40, which earns a platinum award. Reviewers all agreed on that this game is more than a remake, and that it could easily be considered as a new game. Reviewers were awed by the realistic graphics, and mentioned about increased number of rooms, puzzles, routes, and gimmicks as pluses. Basically the consensus is if you have a GameCube, buy this game.

In a couple of more days, Japanese gamers will finally get to play their first non-Japan developed titles, NBA Street and Rogue Squadron 2. NBA Street earns a silver award with a score of 30 out of 40 (7,8,7,8). Positive points include the speed, the flashy dunks, and the helpful tutorial. Negative points include the lack of depth compared to a more realistic simulation, and difficulty of grasping your teammate’s position.

Rogue Squadron 2 did not garner up too much praise as it earned 28 out of 40 (7,7,7,7). Reviewers were generally impressed by the music and graphics, and commented that it would make Star War fans very happy. However, there seemed to be a lack of excitement among the reviewers with one saying although the missions are quite challenging, there seems to be a lack of variations. Another commented that there was a lack of thrill and speed, and further added that stress can build up when you are having trouble finding enemy aircrafts.

The last GameCube game reviewed this week is Groove Adventure Rave. Rave did not fare too well with Famitsu as it scored 26 out of 40 (7,6,7,6). Reviewers remarked that the game stayed true to it anime roots. Bad points were the confusing control scheme that utilized too many buttons, lack of character voices, lack of variation in stages, and unbalanced gameplay.

Below is a summary of scores for GameCube games this week:

  • Groove Adventure Rave (GCN) – 26/40 (7,6,7,6)

  • NBA Street (GCN) – 30/40 (7,8,7,8)

  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron (GCN) – 28/40 (7,7,7,7)

  • Biohazard (GCN)– 39/40 (10,9,10,10)

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