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BlueRose 3D Engine for GBA Announced

by Jonathan Metts - March 12, 2002, 3:10 pm EST
Source: Rayight Studios

Check out the first pics and video of this amazing polygon-crunching engine for Game Boy Advance!

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Rayight Studios, a developer in Italy currently working on Wings for Crawfish Interactive and a space-sim called Star Giants, has revealed a remarkable new polygonal 3D graphics engine called BlueRoses for the GBA.

The company has screenshots and video of the engine on their website (link above). The demos are presumably just for show, but they do cover some major genres: rally racing, flight sim, futuristic racing, and even survival horror!

According to the spec sheet at the website, the engine is capable of:

- Thousands of polygons in a single scene

- More than 3000 polygons per second with a 60% of screen coverage.

(Note this performance are computed in an average situation of playing, - also considering input, AI and the needed processes for a game!)

- Motion capture animation

- Affine texture mapping

- Camera animation

- Skeletal animation

- Skinned characters

- Particle systems

- Texture animation support

- Possibility to mix 2d and 3d together having 3d polygonal scene with custom 3d sprite technologies already used in our current projects

...just to name a few. There's no word on when the first games made with BlueRoses will show up on the market, but we're trying to obtain more information on that and everything else pertaining to this technology.

Thanks to Chris Mayer for the tip!

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