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Yuji Naka Interview

by Karlie Yeung - March 6, 2002, 12:33 pm EST
Source: Computer and Videogames

Sonic The Hedgehog's creator speaks about the character's life on other platforms.

CVG interviewed Sonic mastermind Yuji Naka about Sonic’s appearance on the GameCube. Here are some excerpts.

When asked about why the GameCube was chosen to be the platform for the mascot he replied:

“Sonic absolutely wanted to run on Nintendo hardware! For myself, too, even though I have been fighting with Nintendo for 18 years, I have been feeling that I definitely wanted to develop hardware at least one time.”

"It is hardware that I believe has a wide-ranged spread of users. Also, as it maintains high performance, it has a stable system as well, I guess."

“And where does he see Sonic in another ten years? "I cannot imagine what will become of him, for Sonic what I do just because I like it. Try asking Sonic himself!"

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