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Konami announces new Castlevania game for the GBA

by Mike Sklens - February 20, 2002, 1:35 pm EST
Source: GameSpot

Konami's following up the success of Circle of the Moon with a new Castlevania game for the GBA.

Castlevania: White Night Concerto is the name of the next game in the Castlevania series. This title will be landing in Japan on June 6th. A US date hasn't been announced yet.

This new title follows the story of Jeust Belmont trying to save his friends (Maxim Quicin and Liddy Erlanger) from Dracula. White Night Concerto will be very similar to Circle of the Moon in terms of gameplay. Except that it seems the DCC card system has been replaced with a new magic book system. Magic Books can be used to power up weapons. Some of the best news concerning this new game is that Ayami Kojima is returning to do the art for White Night Concerto. Kojima also did the art for Circle of the Moon, so players can expect this new title to at least look as great as CotM.

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