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Exclusive! RE's Producer Speaks Out!

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - February 18, 2002, 10:33 am PST

Find out what Resident Evil's producer has to say during the GameCube in Shibuya event. The full translated transcript and zombies await you inside...

At the Nintendo GameCube in Shibuya event in Japan, a one hour Creator Talk Battle

took place. Matsumoto-san (Animal Leader's graphic designer), Iida-san (Kyojin

no Doshin's concept writer), and Kobayashi-san (Resident Evil's producer) appeared

to talk about game development and their current projects. PGC has translated

the Resident Evil section of the round table conference. Sit back, have a cup

of coffee, and enjoy!

- Kobayashi-san loads footage-

K: For the time being, regarding the images. Oh, before we proceed,

let me give a warning, there will be gory scenes; I suggest that children should

not watch the following. I am going to explain the story simply, but I think

most of you already know it. In the beginning, the main characters escape to

a manor. Inside the manor, they suddenly encounter zombies and try to escape.

It should be noted that new scenes like the forest are added.

We decided to remake Biohazard 1, which was released six years ago, for the

GameCube. Biohazard 1 was a VERY scary horror game conceived by director Mikami.

We have ported all the characters. Barry plays a more important part. Jill has

gotten cuter. Rebecca also looks grown-up instead of childish. Just about everything

was remade from scratch. In the beginning, we planned to only remake the game,

but we felt that would be boring. The manor is redesigned. There are a lot of

new features. We think it's rather close to a new game.

-The footage has Jill shooting away at zombies-

K: We added the stun gun, which is to be used as a last resort like

an emergency item, when you engage in close combat with zombies. You use the

stun gun to fend off the zombies to protect yourself.

Biohazard 1 is still Biohazard 1, so the story line is pretty much the same.

What you're seeing right now is the forest scene. In the last part here, Jill

is eaten up by the big shark.

I: So for players that have played Biohazard 1, and players that haven't,

there should be enough to make them want to play...

K: Right. In addition, we also added features so that players who have

already played the original would also enjoy this game. For players that haven't

played the game, there's no game as grand as this one.

-Kobayahi-san loads the game-

K: Actually I forgot the save that I wanted to show you in Osaka, so

I have prepared another save to show you guys.

M: This is a playable version, correct?

K: Yes.

M: Was the memory card stolen by zombies?


-Kobayashi-san loads the game.-

K: This is still the debug version. Sorry, I didn't come very prepared.

For the present, here's the save I prepared. Let's start. Here's the loading

screen with the familiar typewriter.

-GameCube does not detect the memory card.-

K: Hmm? Oops, the memory card isn't inserted all the way? Sorry. It

was not inserted all the way.

-Kobayashi-san inserts the memory card-

K: See the typewriter scene? With this save data, you can go up to chapter

5. I would like you two (Iida-san and Matsumoto-san) to play the shark scene

that was shown earlier. Let me clear the debug text first. The place where the

sharks appear is the same as the original version. There's the manor and another

building. In the underground of that building, there's a big water tank and

that's where the sharks are. Now we are at the point where we have been captured

by the enemy. Let's escape. Anyways, the game is so scary even if a guy is playing

this alone, he would be freaked out. So for people that are afraid, you should

play this game with lights on. For girls, perhaps it's a good idea to have you

boyfriend play the game with you.

Unlike in the last game, we designed the game so that you don't know what to

expect. When you are expecting an enemy to appear, it doesn't appear. Likewise,

when an enemy is not expected to appear, it appears.

I: So even gamers who played the original version would like to play.

K: That's correct.

-Kobayashi-san plays the game.-

K: This passage way was also in the previous version. Sorry, I can't

walk straight.


K: Let me equip. Let's use the standard gun.

-Jill arrives on the catwalk over the water tank.-

K: This is the big water tank. Unexpectedly, sharks appear under the

catwalk. So it feels kind of like this. Here, please play.

I: Matsumoto-san is really excited, and eager to play.

-Kobayashi-san hands controller to Matsumoto-san and explains the controls.-

K: Just keep firing. The music changes to a dangerous tone. If you go

to the right side, that's where the shark comes out. Please run over to the

middle of the bridge. If you fire from here, the shark will die.

-Matsumoto-san dies.-

I, K, & M: Ah!!!

I: That was quick.

M: It's just exactly like Doubutsu Banchou.


K: Yeah, you get eaten by various things. You get eaten by zombies,

dogs, sharks, etc.

M: But humans can't eat other animals up, right?

K: Yeah, that's right. Let us go to another area.

I: This is scary.

K: This is the Plant 42 Research Lab.

I: I remember now.

-reaches the area-

K: Let's equip the grenade launcher.

I: It's so scary.

- Kobayashi-san hands the controller to Iida-san-

K: Like the last game, the analog is used to advance. Please open the

door and go up the stairways. Press the red button (Ed: That would be B.) to run. Oh, please give me

the controller for a sec. Please try to fight the boss. The weapon you are using

is grenade launcher, so if you try hard enough, you should be able to beat the


I: No more ammunition.


K: Ok, next let's use... the acid gun.

- Iida-san fires at the enemy.-

K: It inflicted some damage. Attack more. Right on.

I: Ah...

M: How was it?

I: Scary. I freaked out.

K: Anyways, the game is flashier and scarier than the original. The

game will be released on March 22. Yesterday we released new information. There

was a change. We have decided to include a memory card and the price is 6800

yen. Unfortunately, we couldn't reach Famitsu in time to have them print in

the info. In the beginning, we decided to include a memory card at the price

of 7800 yen. Now it comes with a memory card at a price of 6800 yen. Since a

memory card is included, you won't have to buy another memory card.

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