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New Resident Evil Info! You've Got to Hear This!

by Tonkatsu Chikara - February 15, 2002, 12:51 am PST
Source: Weekly Famitsu

New details on memory cards, a third playable character and the control scheme!

Famitsu released new info this week pertaining to the upcoming GameCube release Biohazard, a.k.a. Resident Evil. Some very interesting facts have come to light…

It was reported that Biohazard will require 8 blocks of your Memory Card 59. Furthermore, it will come packaged with a memory card for 6800 yen, standard, rather than the previously announced optional package.

Also, more details about the sub-character Rebecca Chambers was announced. When players choose to play as Chris, Rebecca will also be playable at certain times. She will play a supporting role, assisting Chris at certain times when he is under duress. Without spoiling any story elements, let’s just say that when Chris is indisposed or otherwise occupied, player control will shift to Rebecca.

Most interesting, though, was Famitsu’s information regarding the Biohazard control scheme. According to their article, the until-now standard control scheme where the directions up and down correspond to forward and backward, and left and right for rotation has been replaced. The GameCube Biohazard will feature a directional scheme in which up is forwards and LEFT is backwards, while right and down control right and left rotation, respectively.

Biohazard Control Scheme

Unless Famitsu has mislabeled their diagram, this new, rather odd setup is meant to enable easier control and movement. Stay tuned to Planet GameCube for further info and impressions!

Many thanks to Weekly Famitsu for this information!

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