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Famitsu Scores Bomberman Max 2

by Tonkatsu Chikara - January 31, 2002, 11:28 pm EST
Source: Famitsu

The newest Bomberman games go under the Famitsu knife for dissection.

Weekly Famitsu took a close look at the twin Bomberman games scheduled for a February 7th release. They gave decent scores, and mentioned a number of things of interest.

Bomberman Max 2: Bomberman Version and Bomberman Max 2: Max Version (otherwise known as Red and Blue to the US market) were reviewed by the Famitsu crew, and fared well. They were praised as being addictive in classic Bomberman style and also for having 100 missions to blast through. However, the game duo was also criticized for requiring both versions linked together in order to play all areas.

However, despite criticism, the latest Bomberman series games received a solid score of 28 (7 7 7 7).

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