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Resident Evil: 2 Discs -- Updated!

by Max Lake - January 29, 2002, 1:21 pm PST
Source: GC Inside

Capcom’s amazing remake of the first Biohazard/Resident Evil will be the first GameCube game with multiple discs.

During a retail information event today, Nintendo announced some interesting info concerning Resident Evil for GameCube. First off, the game’s Japanese release date was set as March 22. Secondly, and much more interesting is the fact that Resident Evil will be the first GameCube game to span multiple discs. Apparently, just one of the GameCube Optical Discs won’t provide enough space for the movies and features Capcom is cramming into this one. We’ll have more info as it breaks.

Update: Here is a good translation of the article linked above:

"Biohazard, it seems, will be a 2-disc set. That's right -- it seems that one disc was insufficient memory to hold all of the movies etc. even after trying several compression techniques. We will have to try something new with the disc cases; perhaps add a second fold to the inside of the case, allowing for 2 discs in one case. This is new to the videogame industry. The game is almost finished, and it is being tested at this moment at an undisclosed location. The GameCube RE remake is almost an entirely different game from the original, but adding something similar to "remake" to the title would not be important. It has, however, been said by those in the undisclosed location that only "Biohazard" is in the title."

Thanks to Moke (Cube_Squared of the IGN Boards) for the translation.

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