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Famitsu Reviews Magical Vacation

by Tonkatsu Chikara - January 27, 2002, 8:51 pm EST
Source: Famitsu

Famitsu's readers review Magical Vacation for the GBA, with promising results!

In Famitsu this week, User's Eye features a reader review of the GBA game Magical Vacation. While not an official review by the Famitsu staff, it is nonetheless an excellent indicator of a game’s merits. In this case, Famitsu reader opinion highlights the good and bad points of Magical Vacation, finally awarding it an 8.8 in overall score.

Magical Vacation is an RPG adventure where a group of students from a magic school set out to find their classmate who has been become a monster.

Overall, Famitsu’s readers responded with positive opinions, citing most frequently beautiful graphics and interesting characters. Also, they feel that the battle system is well implemented and enjoyable, but many people also pointed out Magical Vacation’s large flaws, such as overly complex maps and lack of support for multiple save slots. Finally, opinion was split over the game’s darker story, considered by some Famitsu readers to be undesirable while others thought it a plus.

Most Mentioned Pros

High quality graphics

Varied and interesting characters

Enjoyable battles

Most Mentioned Cons

Maps are very complicated

Only one save slot

Story is dark

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