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More Zombies than in an old Horror Film!

by Michael Cole - January 23, 2002, 7:19 pm PST
Source: IGN Cube

Capcom officially boasts so many Resident Evil titles for 2002 that it's scary!

As everyone who visits this site knows, Capcom is bringing its entire Resident Evil/Biohazard series to GameCube. But Capcom's Gamers Day has managed to provide a new surprise: all five known RE titles are coming out THIS YEAR and will all be released overseas. After unleashing the massively updated remake of Biohazard (1) on March 22, Capcom will complete a straight port of Biohazard 2 to precede the long-awaited (and brand new) Biohazard 0. Conversions of Nemesis and Code Veronica will provide amusement until the mystical Biohazard 4 is ready. This means that Japanese Cubers will have a Biohazard game every two months on average--if Capcom can stay on schedule.

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