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GBA TV Adaptor?

by Max Lake - December 12, 2001, 6:33 pm EST
Source: GameGizmo.com

A site is advertising pre-orders for a device that lets you hook your GBA up to a TV and play games. Intriguing but completely unofficial. PGC investigates.

Ever since it was revealed the GBA would hook up to GameCube, back when it was still known as Dolphin, a widely speculated use of the connection was the ability to play GBA games on your TV via the Cube. It turns out this was not the case. However, a new product has come forward that may provide just as workable a solution: a AV hookup to play GBA games on your TV. More information along with pre-orders for the device (at $76.97) can be found at GameGizmo.com.

The down side is that it is not a licensed Nintendo product and therefore won’t bear the golden “Nintendo Seal of Quality.” Furthermore, in all likelihood modifying the GBA voids your warranty. Nonetheless, the device seems to work and the site displays pictures of GBA games working full screen on TV. It lists the Estimated Time of Arrival as Dec. 15- Dec. 18/2001 and does offer a one year warranty.

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