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TDK Announces Four for GameCube

by Jonathan Metts - November 29, 2001, 11:05 am PST
Source: TDK Press Release

Shrek and Dinotopia to hit Nintendo's console, along with the return of...Robotech?

Today TDK Mediactive announced four new titles for GameCube, expected to arrive in the 4th Quarter of 2002. One game will be based on TDK's recently acquired Robotech license, the subject of a long and ultimately fruitless N64 saga that many of you are no doubt familiar with. Shrek is of course based on the ultra-popular animated film, but right now we don't know if the GameCube game will be a port of the recent Xbox launch game or something entirely new. It could also be related to the Shrek Racing game due for GBA in Q1 2002. Dinotopia is a beloved children's book about a world where dinosaurs and humans live together; Hallmark Entertainment is producing it into a mini-series to be aired in May '02. The fourth title from TDK is a mystery for now, but it too is currently scheduled for late next year. The press release notes that officially licensed GameCube developers Digital Illusions, Vicious Cycle,

and Prolific Publishing are all under contract with TDK, but there are no details as to which developer is taking

Shrek and Dinotopia. As noted in the original Robotech license announcement, that game is being developed by North Carolina-based Vicious Cycle.

Also, thanks to nine fish, Matt Bertocchi, and Sean E. Lake for the info!

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