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A Smashing Debut!

by Max Lake - November 21, 2001, 1:54 am PST
Source: Famitsu.com

Yes, Super Smash Bros. DX has hit Japan along with Jet Black and Spice color GameCubes!

Today is November 21st and that means the Smash Brothers sequel has finally arrived in Japan, where it is know as Super Smash Bros. DX. Premiering alongside the long-awaited Smash Bros. DX come two new colors of GameCubes, Jet Black and Spice. Famitsu.com reports that their arrival was greatly anticipated in Japan. Approximately 80 people were waiting in line outside a game store close to Shinjuku station west. Many people bought one of the new system colors along with SSB DX and 3 controllers. It certainly looks like things are picking up for the GameCube in Japan!

Japanese gamers lining up for Smash Brothers!

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